Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kerosotes Theaters Five Buck Club

My best girlfriend messaged me on Facebook the other day and asked me if I was part of the Kerasotes Five Buck Club. Knowing that I love movies and love to save money she was sure I would be interested and she was right.

These days we don't go to the movies often. It is just too darn expensive! Yet every once in a while we go on a date night or a movie comes out that the girls are just dying to see and we go.

If you have Kerasotes Theaters in your area you may want to check this out. You can search locations here. If you have a participating theater you can fill out a simple registration here. Then in a few days (I got mine in 5) you will recieve your Five Buck Club Card in the mail.

Every thursday you will receive an email from Kerasotes alerting you of the movies in your area that are available for the $5 discout! It's that simple.