Friday, November 13, 2009

Walmart Shopping 11/7 "The I'm Sick Edition"

So last week we had a lot of sickness going around in our house and I was sick in bed for 5 horrendous days. So Friday I didn't have my usually shopping day, instead Saturday night Hubby and Jonah went and did the shopping.

I felt too bad to mess with coupons so I told them just to go to Walmart, instead of leaving town to go to Kroger. I wrote about half a dozen things on a list and just told them to buy what they wanted but not to spend more than $70.

Here is what they purchased:

A Pineapple $2
Bread $2.68
Bread $1.96
Salad Mix $1.88
Mixed Fresh Veggies 25 cents
Carrots $1.72
Great Value Granola Bars 18pk $3
Pop Tarts $1.86
Whole Walnuts $2.78
Nutcracker $3.97
3lb Oranges $4
Bananas 96cents
2 Angel Soft @ $1.24 each
Turkey Lunchmeat $3.98
3 Albacore Tuna Packs @ $1.57 each
Kraft Cheese Slices $3.58
3 Roll Paper Towels $1.94
2 Great Value Cereal @ $1.82 each
Potatoes $2
Large Jar Pickles $3.12
2 Great Value Milk @ $2.76

Total Spent = $59.14

They bought hardly any junk food and I was surprised. Some of the things were higher than I would ever dream of paying for them but I can't complain. I was able to stay in bed and still get the groceries we needed and they stayed under my budget! :)