Saturday, November 28, 2009

Walmart Shopping 11/20

Well I managed to delete this picture.

4 Chicken of the Sea Salmon Pouches @ $1.07
2 Stony Field Organic Vanilla Yougurt Tubs @ $3.32 each
3lb bag of Onions $1.50
4lb Red Apples $2.01
Bunch Celery 88cents
1.77lb Bananas 69cents
2 Blocks Kraft Natural Cheese @ $1.98 each
2 Kashi Meals @ $2.88 each
Turkey $4.42
Turkey $4.77

No coupons used!

Total Spent $35.26

I have never made a Turkey but at 40cents/lb I thought it was best to get 2 for the freezer. After all the Holidays I will cook one and I imagine we will get 3-4 meals out of 1. Then we will hold onto the other until maybe a couple months down the road.