Saturday, November 28, 2009

Target Shopping 11/20

Well I have the picture for this one but I can't find the receipt.

6 up and up wipes @ $1.29 each
2 Cat Treats $2 something (for my grandma)
2 Santa Potato Heads @ $6.99 (for Toys for Tots)
2 Wasa Crackers @ $1.98 each
Skippy Natural Peanut Butter $2.04

Coupons used
6 $1 off Up and UP Wipes
2 Free Cat Treats
2 $5 off Potato Heads
60cents off Skippy

Total Spent $11.74

My total spent for the week was $96


Sheri said...

Where did you get the 5 off for the potato heads?

Amber said...

I got it off a few weeks ago. It was for $5 off a Potato Head Spud Bud, the Santa ones qualify as a Spud Bud. Not sure if the coupon is still available.


Megan said...

Those Santa Potato Head's are too cute! That was a great trip.