Friday, November 6, 2009

Sickness hits our home

This week has been an absolute blur. Monday started out just fine but by Tuesday things were going a little crazy. I had to take Emeri to the e.r. really early Tuesday morning. I was concerned she may have swine flu and because she has asthma I wasn't waiting to take her in later. She was tested and sure enough it was positive. The Dr checked out her lungs and said they were great and that we caught it real early.

She came home and started her Tamiflu and I began having a horrible cough. By Tuesday evening I was running a fever and Jonah came home from school sick and feverish. Wednesday morning Jonah and I headed to the local clinic since our family Dr is almost an hour away and I was running a 102 fever and didn't have the energy to make the trip.

We were tested for strep throat, swine flu and some bad viral infection that is going around. Jonah and I ended up having the viral infection and I was way worse than she was.

Emeri's Tamiflu worked wonders and she headed back to school on Thursday, Wow! I was impressed. Jonah was put on one medicine and she got to go back to school today. The girls are both doing great! I was put on 3 different medicines and although I am improving I am still feeling quite bad. Thankfully I have no more fever.

I only made one shopping trip this past week and it was to Kroger. Hopefully I will get it posted tomorrow and hopefully next week things will be back to normal around here.


Sonia said...

I'm with you, my son was sick a week ago then I got it, I'm doing better just have a very bad cough, and I'm on my second med. Glad your all feeling better