Sunday, November 22, 2009

My First Experience With Alice!

I had read on several blogs about ordering from Alice, although I hadn't signed up myself. When I discovered I could get a $5 Alice gift card through Swag Bucks I figured now was the time to try it out.

So I got my virtual gift card from Swag buck and I went to register at Alice. Once I was registered I searched through all the best deals to decide how to spend my $5.

Alice has a Best Deals section which shows their lowest priced items at that time. They even have virtual coupons! How cool is that? Now these are not the very best prices you can get if you hunt down all the deals with coupons in store, however, some of the prices are quite good considering you do not have to leave your home and shipping is always FREE!

For my $5 I purchased 4 Bounty paper towels, Kotex Lightdays and Dove Deodorant. I ordered on the 18th and it was delivered on the 19th. I have to say I was shocked it got here so quickly.

This can be a great alternative for those of you out there who are just too busy to hit all the stores. Like anywhere else, shop the best deals of the week and purchase only what is at a rock bottom price.