Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can We Completely Change our Eating Habits and Stay within Our Budget?

Just before I got sick I was reading Master Your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels. About 2 weeks prior I gave up soda completely. My Dr. Pepper addiction had to be squashed. Hubby and the girls haven't given up the soda yet but they have drank very little over the past 4 weeks.

Jillian's book was a real eye opener!! I have been needing to seriously lose weight for a few years now but not really having the motivation to do so. More than losing weight though hubby and I decided it was time to change they way we eat on a daily basis. Master Your Metabolism confirmed our thoughts.

So here is our plan: To cut out the majority of processed foods, to eat way more fruits and vegetables, to cut out purchasing items that have high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils. We are going to be focusing on fresh items, leans meats, fruits, veggies, nuts, etc.

According to Jillian, "If you can't grow it and it dosen't have a mom you shouldn't eat it". That will be our philosophy in this house for at least 6 out of 7 days a week. I will buy organic when it is on sale or I have coupons otherwise I will be looking at a lot of labels to find items that are natural and have the least amount of ingredients.

Thankfully there are a few companies that make "healthy" processed foods that Jillian allows. Kashi, Newman's Own and Amy's, so we will be buying some of those also.

We will be taking one day a week to eat out or have some kind of a treat that dosen't fall into our daily plan. We are actually on our second week of this and things are going pretty well. I have already lost 7lbs!

My goal is to still stay within my budget of $200 a payday (2 weeks) for all groceries, household, pet, beauty, etc. I will also be posting my weekly menu plan as well as pictures and recipes of some of the items we cooked that week.


Julie said...

Good for you. I started a similar eating habit change recently. It's tricky as high fructose corn syrup is in everything. I may have to check out the Jillian book from my library. I saw Food Inc. recently and it has made me re-think my meat purchases. I plan on using up what's in my freezer and saving to buy organic 100% grass fed meat in the future. It's a lot more money so I'm going to have to be very careful in my spending in other places to make up for it.

Amber said...

Julie, there is HFC in everything!! Or at least almost everything. My shopping trip on friday was long and involved reading tons and tons of labels. However I think in the long run it will be so worth it.

I haven't seen Food Inc. so I may have to check it out.


Pamela M. Kramer said...

WOW - I'm going to have to print this post out! What success. Jillian makes a lot of sense.