Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Walmart Shopping a How To

Although I do not shop at Walmart like I used to I do still shop there. There are still some very good deals to be had but you have to pick and choose.

Sadly Walmart does not send out a weekly ad like most grocery stores do. So prices do tend to vary from store to store. I find often that items in my store will be higher than the Walmart 20 miles away from me. I think that is because my town is smaller.

One thing you can do to save money at WalMart is ad matching.

Walmart will match prices to any local competitors ad that are during the ad's active dates.

-They do not match buy 1 get one
-They do not match percent off

However they will match exact prices. If you are too busy to run around to multiple stores you can check out your local stores ads, plan your menu around the sales, then head to Walmart and price match the items you want. Be sure to use coupons to make your total cost even lower.

What kind of coupons does Walmart accept?
You can check out their corporate policy here

They accept manufacturer coupons and internet printable coupons.


AmberRay said...

My Walmart refuses to accept internet coupons and if I have more than a couple of coupons it seems to be a big chore for the cashier. I am glad if people have great experiences there but I rarely do. They do have a lot of $3 dollar DVDs right now.

Amber said...

I occassionally have trouble at Walmart but I have never had them refuse an internet printable. Too bad because sometimes there are some really good printables out there.

Tristen said...

I have actually had them refuse an internet coupon because it wasn't from, it was a smart source coupon. This is what the manager said... "yea the computer won't take it because it doesn't have the scissors on it." And I said "then you only take coupons from then?" He then said "well it has to have the scissors on it". Oh my goodness, I don't understand how he can be the store manager. I guess I will have to print out the coupon policy and bring it with me.

I have also had problems with the dollar general over here, they won't take internet coupons anymore. I emailed the company about it in October but no response so far.

Amber said...

Seriously?? I have heard that you really have to watch at Walmart. I have never had a problem at mine but I hear all the time that Mgrs. swear they don't accept internet printables. Either they are misinformed or they just don't want to mess with it.

As for Dollar Store, ours will not accept printables. I don't know if they ever did before or not. I just know that since I started couponing they don't. It's a shame though, there have been many times I would have used one.