Friday, October 23, 2009

Walgreens Shopping a How To

At Walgreens you can get a lot for very little as soon as you get their rules down. I found playing the Walgreen's game to be a little tricky at first.

***At Walgreens you do not need any type of loyalty card to do their deals.

Every week I check out Walgreen's weekly ad or I check out some great websites that have all the important deals listed. I can go to places like Hot Coupon World or A Full Cup and see the ad ahead of time. Then I can decide what are the deals that week that I am interested in.

I try to post my favorite deals on my blog at the beginning of the week. I also post coupon match-ups when applicable.

Every week you can earn Register Rewards by purchasing certain items. Register Rewards are basically Walgreen's money. You can use them to buy most anything except lottery tickets, gift cards and prescriptions.

Sometimes there are items that are Free after Register Reward. For example one of the deals this month has been Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion, buy for $6.99 and receive $6.99 back in Register Rewards.

Can you use a coupon for a item that produces a Register Reward? Yes you can!

There was an internet printable coupon for $1.50 off Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion. So you would pay $5.49 plus tax and get back $6.99 in Register Rewards. That is $1.50 money maker.

What do these Register Rewards look like?

Like this!

They are just a thin receipt like piece of paper with the amount on it as well as a bar code and some fine print.

Another way you can save at Walgreens is with in store coupons. Sometimes these are in the weekly ad or in a small pamphlet by the ads in the store. The great part about these in store coupons is that you can combine them with a manufacturers coupon.

For instance, in the ad this week there was an in store coupon for 2/$3 men's or women's Sure deodorant. I had coupons for both the men and women's deodorant. The men's coupons were $1.50 off 1 and the women's were $1 off 1.
So if I bought 2 mens and used the 2/$3 instore coupon and 2 $1.50 off coupons that is 2 sticks of deodorant for free. For the women's coupons it made the deodorant 50 cents a piece.

If I am buying an item that produces a Register Reward can I pay with a Register Reward? Yes!! As long as it is not a Register Reward for the same item.

For instance, let's say I bought the Vaseline Lotion and had a $6.99 Register Reward I could buy another item that produces a Register Reward and pay with $6.99 Vaseline RR. However I could not buy another Vaseline Lotion and pay with the Vaseline Lotion RR.

Here is the part that has been the hardest for me to get straight.....You must have as many items as you have Manufacturers Coupons! Register Rewards count as Manufacturers coupons. (this does not include the in store coupons)

So let's say you are buying 3 RR producing items and you have a coupon for each one and you have 2 Register Rewards you want to pay with you will need 2 filler items. I often look around the store for clearance items or items that are under 50cents to fill in these gaps.

You can go here to check out a trip that I made to Walgreen's. It includes details of how I purchased the items in the picture at this top of this post, how much each item cost, coupons I used and Register Rewards. You will see how I used fillers in order to be able to use all of my coupons.