Saturday, October 10, 2009

Walgreens Shopping 10/6

Transaction # 1

Robitussin $2.49
Chapstick $2.99
Halls $1

Used $6 Register Rewards

Total Spent 76cents and earned $6.50 in Register Rewards

Transaction #2

Emergen-C $3.49
Chapstick $2.99
Walgreens Flossers free

used $6 Register Rewards

Total Spent 54cents and earned $6.50 Register Rewards

Free Walgreens Flossers: When I was looking for the Dentek there was a sign that read, Sorry we are out of the Dentek that is Free after Register Rewards Please substitute the Walgreen 90 count floss picks or get a raincheck. When I went up front they had to call a Mgr and he went back to check. We he came back up he wasn't too happy. He gave them to me free but he brought the sign with him and shoved it under the counter.

Transaction #3

Robitussin $2.49
Chapstick $2.99
Dentek $2

used $6.50 Register Rewards

Total Spent $1.55 and earned $7.50 Register Rewards

Grand total spent for this trip $2.86 and still have $16.50 in Register Rewards

My entire weekly shopping grand total is $60.48 my total last week was 94.04, making my grand total for this payday $154.52 which is $45.48 under budget.