Thursday, October 29, 2009

Target Shopping a How To

I will tell you straight up that Target has been a little difficult for me. I have gotten some amazing deals but I have also dealt with a few cashiers and 1 Manager that weren't so coupon friendly.

What kind of coupons does Target Accept? Target issued coupons and Manufacturer coupons including internet Printables. (check out the Target coupon policy here)

What are Target issued coupons? Sometimes you will find "Target" coupons in news papers. They will have the Target symbol on them. Sometimes you will receive "Target" Coupons in the mail. You can also print "Target" coupons online here and here.

Is it true the Target coupons can only be used 1 per transaction? The coupons do state 1 per transaction, however, it really depends on the cashier or store Manager. So far I have never had a cashier refuse me to use more that 1 coupon at a time.

Can you really combine a Target Coupon and a Manufacturer's coupon? Yes you can! This is where the big savings can come in.

Recently I bought Skippy Peanut Butter for $2.04 a jar. I used $1 off Target coupons and 40cents off Manufacturer coupons to get the Peanut Butter for 64cents a jar.

You can check out a couple recent Target trips here and here.

Can I use my coupons on something that is on clearance or costs less than the amount of the coupon? Yes! As long as the item you are purchasing matches the wording on the coupon you can. According to the coupon policy above the cashier can adjust the coupon down to make the item free. I personally have had cashiers who adjusted the coupon and some who allow it to go through as is which gives you overage. I wouldn't expect the overage but be happy when you get it.

When I shop at Target or Walmart I choose my cashier carefully. If there happens to be a young guy cashier I will always go to him. Otherwise I look for a young girl. I have found many times the older cashiers think it is their duty to decide whether or not you should be able to use a coupon. I have experienced this and it wasn't so fun. Once you start couponing the stores often you will figure out which cashiers are the most coupon friendly.