Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kroger a How to

Back when I used to do the one trip shopping spree at Walmart I almost never went to Kroger. For some reason I had it in my head that it was just too expensive.

When I switched to using coupons I began shopping more and more at Kroger and now I get the bulk of my groceries there.

Even without coupons I can stay well under budget at Kroger and I proved that this summer when I was too busy to do the coupon clipping.

If you focus on the sales and plan your weekly menu around it you will see the savings unfold. Most of Krogers sales beat out Walmart by far.

Another good tip is to check for Managers specials. You can find these all over the store. When an item gets put on Mgr Special it could be because they are changing the packaging or they are discontinuing the item or it is nearing it's sale by date.

Often times I get meats, breads and even milk on Mgr special. The meats and bread go in the freezer and the milk dosen't last around here a couple days anyway.

So how can coupons maximize your shopping at Kroger?

Matching the items on sale at Kroger with a coupon can make an already low price even lower.

Here's an example:

This week Kroger has been doing the Mega Event where you buy 10 select items and get $5 off automatically at checkout.

I bought

8 Green Giant Valley Fresh steamers @ $1.99 each
2 Healthy Choice Meals @ $2.19 each

I used 6 50cent off Green Giant coupons that doubled to $1 and 2 40cent off coupons that doubled to 80 cents.

I also used 1 $2 off Healthy Choice Coupon.

Then I got $5 off for buying 10 Mega Items and paid $5.70 for the 10 items.

For my local readers, Kroger in southern Illinois double coupons up to 50 cents. Also make sure to have the cashier scan your Kroger card before any items are scanned to ensure that all of your coupons will double.

Here is one more way that you can maximize your savings at Kroger.

Clipless coupons. What are clipless coupons? They are coupons that you put directly on your Kroger card. There are 3 different companies that I use and they are easy to set up. You just go to their site, make an account and add your kroger card. Once your Kroger card is added you can select what coupons you want on your card. The coupons will be added to your card and when your card is scanned during a transaction the coupon will automatically go on your order to match the item you have purchased.



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