Monday, October 26, 2009

Kroger Best Deals of the Week 10/25

****Please note that I am using an ad for Southern Illinois, so prices may vary.

Baby Peeled Carrots 10/$10 or $1 each

Avocados or Mangoes 10/$10 or $1 each

Organic Red or Gold Delicious Apples 99cent/lb

Laura's Lean Full Line 33% off

Amick Farms Chicken Breast $1.98/lb

Kroger Frozen Chicken Breasts, Tenders, Wings or Split Breasts $5.99 a bag

Kroger Large White Eggs 88cents

Kroger Cheese Slices (12oz) $1.50

Kroger is also running the 10 Item Mega Event this week. Purchase 10 of the participating items and have $5 deducted off you total.
For a detailed list of participating items check out A Thrifty Mom.