Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Coupon How To

How did I start couponing?

For about a year or so I was trying to make extra money online. During all that time I never thought about making more of our money. Then in August 2008 the light bulb went on and I realized instead of making more money, I just needed to use our money differently. I started this blog and my journey began. It took me a while to learn and I have made numerous mistakes along the way, but I have made a big change in how we live and spend.

Where do I get my coupons?

The Sunday paper - For my local readers the St. Louis Post Dispatch is what I buy. It is way better than the Southern Illinoisan.

Magazines - a lot of magazines are having coupons inside these days. All You is one that has a quite a bit of coupons every month. However I do not pay or pay very much for magazines, I have gotten a lot of free or very low priced subscriptions online.

The internet -,,

Sometimes I buy them online - Technically you can't buy them, you just pay the other person for their time to sort and cut them out. Ebay and Coupon Dede are the sources I use most.

How many Sunday papers do I buy?

Typically I purchase 3 Sunday papers, on a rare occassion I buy 4.

How do I sort my coupons?

Sorting the coupons is something I haven't really decided on. I do have a large Five Star zippered binder. Inside it has folders as well as baseball card holders. Sometimes I get all my coupons clipped and organized in the card holders and other times I keep the inserts together. I still haven't decided which works best for me.

What will I be discussing in future posts?

How to's for:

Kroger, Walgreens, CVS, Target and Walmart


Kathy said...

Thanks Amber, this is great that you are sharing your knowledge of saving money. I found it really helpful and will pass your site on to people that maybe don't know you and Gary. We can all learn to conserve and save and use our money wisely.