Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy Weekend! Sleepover, Shopping and Fort Massac

We had a super busy weekend, hence no blogging since Friday. Hubby got home from his camping trip on Friday afternoon and I skipped my usual Friday shopping day. Then children by the dozens started coming to our home for a sleepover.

Alright not really dozens, 3 nephews (6,6 and 3) and 2 nieces (12, 6 and 1) came over. The 1 year old only stayed for a few hours and all the rest stayed all night. After they went home saturday morning I had to get my coupons prepared and then I went on my shopping trip. Emeri went with me and was recounting how many stores we went to that was under $5.

Then yesterday we headed to Fort Massac in Metropolis, Il. This is a tradition that my family has been doing since I was a child. We met my mom and stepdad along with sister and all the nieces and nephews.

We ate some delicious food! The kids had a blast playing in the forts in the above picture. They shopped for souvenirs. Both of my girls got a really cute blown glass necklace.

We hung out by the river and took lots of pictures of the kids having fun.

The part where the fun ends for me is that battle reinactment. I have a real problem with extremly loud noises and have since a child. I seriously feel like I am going to throw up. So around 20 til 3 my sister, mom and I took the baby and her 3 yr old son to the van far away from the battle. The other kids along with dad's and grandpa stayed back to watch. It's one of their favorite parts of the day.