Saturday, September 26, 2009

Target Shopping 9/22 Free Air Wick I motion

I had a bunch of the imotion coupons but Target only had 6 when we were there. Plus I already have several different air fresheners in my stockpile. So I shared a couple coupons with my sister and we took 2 each. We also found 3 of the candle tins with the coupons inside so we each took one.

2 Air Wick iMotion @ $5.99 each
Glade Candle Tin $1.66

2 $6 off iMotion
$1.50 off Glade Candle Tin

Total Spent $1.41

So like I said when I started this week I am over budget! My total for the week was $122.21 and I am okay with that. It is not something I want to do every single week however my hubby is very clear that he wants me to get the pantry and freezer stocked back up so I will be buying as much meat and staples as I can find good deals for. :)