Thursday, September 24, 2009

Target Shopping 9/18

I'll just say right now that this weeks $100 budget was blown. I am not sure by how much at this moment because I haven't figured it up yet. But I got a lot of great deals. Stocked up on our favorite ground turkey and had to buy ink for the computer which sadly was a dud cartridge!

2 Glade Oil Tin refills @ $2.50 each
3 Tide Travel size @ 97 cents each
4 Rimmel Mascara @ $2.29 each
2 Glade Oil Tins @ $1.66 each
4 Pop tarts @ $1.67 each
Kotex pantiliners 62 cents (clearance)
HP ink $14

2 -$2.50 off Get free refill when you buy Glade oil tin
3 $1 off any Tide
4 $2 off Rimmel Mascara
4 75cents of Poptarts (target q)
4 55cents off Poptarts
$2 off any Kotex (target q)
-$5 gift card from Kashi deal

Total Spent $17.25

The cashier I had was pretty funny. She was very nice but was super concerned abut the Tide q's. She was so afraid I was going to get 3cents per coupon. She had to get a manager and it took quite a while. However, she didn't blink twice at the 4 Target q's nor did she adjust down the Kotex q. So I got $1.38 overage on the Kotex q.