Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dollar Tree Shopping 9/11

I was reading I'm an Organizing Junkie and her post was about all the great stuff at the Dollar Tree. Well I have shopped the Dollar Tree lots of times but not in a while. I decided to head over and see what I could find.

The organizing section at my store was nothing like the one she pictured but I did find cd crates which I had been wanting for all the millions of cds/burned dvd's. I got 4 for only $1 a piece! Score!

I also found these really cute picture frames. With the matte they hold 8X10 or take out the matted and they fit 11x13. They are actually wood and they had a light wood, white and this almost black color. I got 4 and will be getting more later because I had a ton of frames break the last time we moved and have put off replacing them.

My total spent $8.68

Oh and Jonah thought she was being too funny in the background.