Saturday, August 8, 2009

Walmart Shopping 8/8 *Free Tide Trial Size*

This was my first week back to really hit the stores around and check out all the deals. I have been living mainly off the stockpile this summer and just buying necessities.

The time off gave me a new found enjoyment for snatching up some deals. Although my coupon stash is still very low since I only bought coupons twice this summer I am sure it will build back up fast. I did get 4 papers last Sunday and I have been getting some good online printables.

Jonah and I made one last trip today to Walmart. We picked up the school supplies shown as well as an undergarment for Emeri on clearance for $3. Also taking my child with me always involves drink or snack. So she got a drink and snack.

The 4 Tide Samples were free. I used $1 off Any Tide from the 8/2 Proctor and Gamble

The small skintimates were $1.47 and I used $1 off Any Skintimate from the 8/2 Smartsource (I think) getting them for 47cents each.

The Bic pens were free. I used a $1 off Bic Ball Pen or Gel printable that I can't seem to find now.

Total Spent = $15.88

Note: read your coupons wording carefully! When coupons do not specify a size or exclude trials it is always beneficial to look for the smallest size possible. I noticed there were a couple more items in the 8/2 paper that didn't have specified sizes and I will probably go back later and get the trial sizes. Be aware that some cashiers will not want to let you use these, they think it is their God given right to be the coupon police. When I went to Walmart a great cashier. I usually try first to look for a younger guy, if I can't find one then I look for a younger girl. Good Luck!


Cheryl said...

Great blog!
I was wondering do the Tide coupons beep item not found or just come up valid amount to push the button to ok it?


Amber said...

Hi Cheryl,
They popped up asking if it was a the valid amount. The cashier I had let them go through at $1 even though the Tide was 97cents.