Friday, August 21, 2009

Swag Bucks is my New Best Friend

Search & Win

I just received my first two Amazon gift cards from Swag Bucks and I have two more on the way. Not only that but I almost have enough Bucks for another $5 Amazon gift card. That is a total of $25 in Amazon money for doing nothing more than using there search tool bar.

Talk about an easy way to earn gift cards and that is just the beginning. There is such a huge list in the store of things you can win with Swag Bucks.

Once I signed up all I did was go to the small tool bar in the upper right hand corner of my screen. I clicked on the drop down box on the left side and changed it to Swag Bucks. Voila!

Now every time I need to do a search, I use that tool bar. Easy as pie.