Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Saving on Water Consumption

This morning I came across Bargain Babe which is not one of my normal daily bloggy reads. Her blog gave me confirmation that moving to a dishwasher was definitely best for our household.

Due to loads upon loads of dishes we had many arguements in our home, it seemed like the kitchen took an eternity to get clean and well it just plain stressed me out.

I had worried about the energy and water consumption of the new dishwasher but finally decided that sometimes things have to give in order to help my sanity.

Check out this video that Bargain Babe led me to on Wallet Pop.


Julia said...

Thanks for discovering and sharing me with your readers!!! I LOVED the dishwashing video, too. The results were totally a surprise. But mostly it was fun to watch.

Hope you'll share other useful stuff you find on