Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saving Money By Doing it Yourself: Refurbishing Old Furniture

Many times over the years I have repurposed old furniture in order to make them fit into a new decor or just to make them look presentable.

I have painted/stained old cabinets, dressers, book shelves, wall shelves, tables and chairs and even picture frames.

More recently in our new house there is a lot of I have been doing to change things. Our new house is actually an old house that was owned by a little old lady. Although the house was soundly built, had all new windows, new wiring, and a roof and central air system that aren't too many years old the entire interior looked like a little old lady.

I have been slowly going through each room redecorating and remodeling. There is still a lot to do. Here are some pieces of furniture that I have recently been working on to fit in with new color schemes.

I wrote on the previous post about our neutral bedroom. Although it is neutral I wanted to add in just a bit of color.

This lingerie dresser was given to us by my MIL. It was a creamy white and discolored. It was old and desperately needed a new coat of paint. So I primed it and painted the base of the dresser the same color as the walls. Once it dried I put on a coat of shellac, giving it a sheen and making the color look a shade darker than the walls.

As for the drawers I painted them all in the accent color.

The computer desk is not completed yet. It was originally a child side desk from my sisters bedroom at home. It has a hutch-like book shelf that attaches to the top. I removed it and put it in my basement. I removed the old hardware, sanded it and painted it a nice neutral color. I also put 2 layers of shellac on the deck top because this is the computer my girls use and I knew they would scratch the top up other wise.

I am still trying to find drawer pulls that match the ones I bought for the Entertainment Center.

My girls share a bedroom. We have a full basement but it is not finished, it is something we are looking at doing but for now they need a comfy place to live and sleep.

They have bunkbeds in their room and a small dresser. The small amount of toys my younger daughter has are kept in the closet. They needed something to house their tv, dvd's, books and cds. I had actually started shopping around trying to find something to buy. Tall and slim was what we needed. Little did I know the answer was in our basement all along.

When we move here there was this tall brown old fashioned cigarette vending machine. Aka, the tall now purple shelf. When you turn this shelf around it had slots for the cigarettes.

Anyway, I measured it and it was perfect. I had hubby bring it up. I cleaned it up really good and then painted it to match in their purple room. Once painted I also put 2 coats of shellac on to seal the paint good.

All of the above pieces of furniture were free to me. A little elbow grease and some paint later they are pieces that fit into our home.

There is still a lot of work I have to do in this home for it to be completed. The kitchen hasn't even been started and nearly every room still has some small projects I have lined up.

Doing things yourself can take longer but the reward is great.

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AmberRay said...

Great job, I like what you have done to the furniture pieces. Keep up the good work.

Amber said...

Thanks a lot! :D