Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kroger Shopping 8/21

The past few days have been a little crazy. I planned to get this up already but I got a nasty virus on my laptop. The virus shut off my anti virus and then they put a key logger on my machine. Whats worse I had noticed my machine running slow for about the past week and didn't really tell my husband who is a computer programmer and he could have possible saved us some trouble. Needless to say the key logger got me paying a bill and typing in all the info to my debit card so they made charge to my card on Thursday. So the moral of this story is, if you notice your computer acting hinky......tell your husband immediately!! Don't wait until maybe someone is stealing your money.

So today I am using hubby's laptop just to try and get caught up. He is working on mine as we speak, trying to find out exactly where or how I got the virus.

I cannot find my receipt for Kroger but you can click the picture above and it will enlarge it.

This week I shopped for all the items I needed for Jonah's weekend birthday bash!

Total Spent $78.29