Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dinner in a Flash: Tuna Fettucine

I have a big confession....I don't always cook a huge meal!

Alright if you have read this blog very often I am sure you have figured that out already. Sometimes I cook big and sometimes I cook what is easiest and sometimes I don't cook at all.

After stocking up this week on Knorr sides for only 50cents a package I thought maybe I should give you guys some ideas on what I do with those types of food.

When I can find a sale on Knorr Sides, Zatarains or Uncle Bens sides I buy them. Rather than just being a side they can be the base to "Dinner in a Flash".

Tonight you can see by the pic above that we are having Knorr Fettucine Alfredo.
(for reference we have a family of 4)

2 pkgs Knorr Fettucine
1 can tuna

Tonight we went real basic, I cooked the fettucine per the package directions. I used skim milk and a little bit of parkay. As it was cooking I drained and flaked a can of tuna. Voila!

Normally I prefer to get some kind of a veggie in here but we ate late and I was in a hurry.

Hear are some other ways we use the Knorr Fettucine.

1. Instead of tuna add shredded chicken.
2. Add frozen broccoli to the Tuna Fettucine or Chicken Fettucine.
3. Add peas to the Tuna Fettucine or Chicken Fettucine.

Stayed tuned for more "Dinner in a Flash" recipes.

What is your super simple go to recipe?