Friday, July 10, 2009

Shopping June 26 through July 2nd

Well I have no pictures to go along with this weeks shopping. As a matter of fact the shopping was almost non-existent. With Remodel work still going on here and the girls finishing up their summer activities life is still too busy for me.

My shopping consisted of going to 2 stores, Kroger and Walgreens.

At Kroger I just picked up necessities: fruit, bread, tortillas, juice, ground turkey and lunch items for hubby. I spent a total of $26.32

Then I went to Walgreens because I had some expiring Register Rewards. In my last shopping trip I stated that I had $3 Register Rewards left but in all actuality I had $6. I forgot I had bought 2 of the free body wash that week.

Anyway, they were expiring so I went and got 2 gallons of milk and some paper towels. I spent $2.13.

So my total shopping this week was $28.45. This was super low but I have to admit that our eat out budget was over because there were a few days of pizza/drive thru instead of only 1.