Thursday, July 23, 2009

Learning to Be a Do-It-Yourselfer Can Save You Some Dough

When hubby and I got married we both worked but after we had our first baby we decided I would stay home. At the time hubby worked in the office he does now but he was only a clerk. He was at the very bottom of the totem pole so needless to say we didn't have a lot of money to work with. Thankfully working at a major insurance company we had great insurance.

We rented until our second daughter turned 2. We had been married for 6 years and although he was slowly creeping up that ladder at work his salary was still way smaller than it is now. Over the years we made a lot of sacrifices in order for me to stay at home and be with our girls.

At this point in our life we decide we needed to quit renting. Yet we were not ready to undertake a house. Instead we opted to buy an older trailer off of a friend for next to nothing. We lived there for 3 years and then hubby got a nice promotion and we were ready to take on our first house.

During that time I began learning my Do-It-Yourself skills. Granted I had always been good at figuring things out. From the beginning of our marriage I had gladly put together every bookshelf, entertainment center, baby bed, swing set and all baby toys. If we bought something that came in a box with a gazillion pieces, I put it together.

Anyway, the trailer we bought was older and I desperately wanted to freshen it up. I began painting every single room. I put up new ceiling fans and a brand new outdoor light at the front door. I even replaced the living room carpet myself but I didn't really do it correctly. Instead of going out and buying tack strips I used staples and nails. But hey, when the room was put together you couldn't even tell.

Then my mom sister and I even completely gutted Emeri's room. We put up a new ceiling a new floor and then painted it. And put up a closet organizing system across one wall since there was no closet.

Since then I haven't been afraid to try much and lately we have been doing a lot of stuff in the house we live in now.

I will be doing some more posts about doing things yourself to save money and I will be showing pictures of what we have done in our home. If you can learn to do more things on your own it will keep you from having to hire someone out to do the work for you.

Are you a Do-It-Yourselfer? Isn't there such a great satisfaction in knowing you did something on your own and saved money doing it?