Friday, June 19, 2009

Vision Restored

I started wearing glasses at the early age of 6 years old. I am near sighted and as the years have passed my eyes have gotten worse and worse. Not once in the 18 years I have worn glasses have they improved.

Jonah, my glasses wearing 10 year old got her first pair of glasses at age 8. For months now I can hardly get her to wear them at all. She claims she doesn't need them. She will give in and put them in a case in her back pack but who knows if she ever puts them on at school. Above is one of the only pictures I even have of her with her glasses on.

Back to the point of my story. Today we had eye doctor appointments for both girls. Jonah goes in first and has her eyes examined.
The Ophthalmologist comes out to speak to me,
"Jonah can see just as good without her glasses as she can with them. Her eyes have corrected themselves. She no longer needs to wear glasses."

So her eyes are just better? The have fixed themselves?

When she had her very first eye exam at 8 we went to a WalMart Vision Center, this time we went to an Ophthalmologist office. So I am wondering, did her eyes improve or did she never need the glasses to begin with?