Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer You Can't Come Soon Enough!

I am counting down the days, only 2 more after today, and the girls will be officially on Summer break. I really can't wait. I know that they are ready for Summer too but Emeri is ready to spend the day tomorrow at Extreme Sports and the following day at Holiday World. Jonah on the other hand is ready to head to the Skating Rink and the Movie Theater to see Up.

I am ready to not get up at 6:30am! :) I am ready to spend the days with them and to work on some more life skills with them. I am so ready to get back to cooking with them. I am also ready to have more one on one time with Jonah in order to work on her cleaning or should I say non-cleaning skills.

I remember a couple of years ago Emeri and I went through the same struggle of trying to get her to pick up after herself. All of a sudden she felt like she didn't have to do anything anymore and when I asked her to do anything it was like pulling teeth. Right now Jonah is at that same stage in life, she is almost 11 and more than capable of doing her chores. She just dosen't want to. So we will for sure be working on that!

Also I am looking forward to taking the girls on my shopping excursions with me. Of course during the school year I shop while they are at school so they almost never come with me. They do ocassionally make a CVS trip with me and they know that I am really into saving money now. I only started my couponing adventure towards the end of last Summer so they didn't get to see much of it in action. I look forward to involving them in the shopping process and teaching them how to scout out the best deals. It will only be a matter of time before they have to shop for themselves.

Most of all though I am looking forward to cooking out, swimming in the pool, taking weekend trips to the beach, going on hikes, spending Tuesdays at my Mom's house and enjoying my family everyday to the fullest!