Saturday, June 27, 2009

Frugal House Keeping

Nearly a year ago I posted about my journey to go minimalist on my cleaning supplies. Gone was the day of buying every commercialized bottle of cleanser to fit every spot of my home. Little did I know how wonderful this was going to be!

Now 10 months later and I still have very little cleansers in this house. I have stuck with the vinegar, comet, occasional bleach and added in baking soda. There is almost nothing you can't do with at least one of those items. You may need to add water or a little dawn but you can get your house pretty darn clean.

I still have a spray bottle with vinegar and water that I use on a lot of things. Mirrors, kitchen table, bathroom sink, kitchen counters. For inside the toilet I sprinkle in some baking soda and add about a cup of vinegar and let it sit. If I feel like the toilet is really bad sprinkle it with the comet instead.

If I feel like the kitchen cabinets or table need a serious disinfecting (like from raw meat) then I just fill the sink with some hot water and add a little bleach and a little dawn then clean them well.

As for dusting we purchased a long handled duster shortly after we cut out excessive cleansers and it works great. If I feel the area is super dusty I will just wipe it down with a wet wash cloth.

It is amazing how much cleaning you can get done with such inexpensive items.
A lg bottle of Vinegar is about $2.50
Lg box of baking soda is about $2.25
Get the walmart brand bleach and pay just over $1
Depending on the store you can get Comet or Ajax anywhere from 50cents to $1 a container.

TipNut has so many homemade cleaning recipes it is crazy. This is where I found all of the recipes I use. If you are wanting to save some money this is an area that you can really slash your budget and still get your house just as clean as you would with all the expensive products.