Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Frugal Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpets doesn't have to be expensive if you are willing to put in a little work. As tempting as it is to hire someone you can do the work yourself and save the extra money for something else.

If you don't own a steam cleaner you will need to rent one and the RugDoctor is a great machine! At our local "RentAll" the RugDoctor wide track rents for $26.99 for a 24 hour period. Here is what we did: the "RentAll" here closes at 3pm on saturday and they are closed on Sunday, so we rented the machine at 2pm on Saturday and didn't have to bring it back until 9am on Monday morning. It would definitely be worth it to see you could get a similar type of deal. We got all those extra hours for the same price.

Thankfully I had a great conversation with my neighbor "Mr Landscaper" just before we went to rent the machine. His parents own a lot of rental properties and he does most of their work at said properties including cleaning up after renters have moved out. He said that he always uses All instead of the expensive carpet cleaning solutions and that the carpets come out clean and fresh. Well it so happens that I have several bottles of All Small and Mighty that I had purchased for 79cents a bottle. Score!

After I saw the price for the RugDoctor cleaning solution I was so glad that I had talked to "Mr. Landscaper" before I went.

All Small and Mighty: 79cents
RugDoctor Solution: $18.99

Here is how I used the All. Everytime I had to fill the machine with fresh hot water I just added one lid full of the All and yes it cleaned very well.

Now we had a couple of spots that I new were going to be difficult at best. When I saw the RugDoctor spray stain remover was $9.99 a bottle I was sure I could do better. I ran to Fred's and bought a bottle of Clorox Oxy Magic for only $2.99. This stuff really did the trick. My carpets came out nice and clean.

I was very thrilled that I only spent a total of $31 to get them cleaned.

Do you have any special ways to keep your carpets clean? Do you use any unexpected cleaning solution? My sister has been known to add a little bleach to her carpet cleaner tank on a white rug. (she owns it).


justusseven said...

Thank you Amber. I always wondered if there was a cheaper soap for those rug doctors =)

Amber said...

Your welcome! I would have never known either without that discussion with my neighbor. :)