Monday, June 29, 2009

Coupon Confessions and Shopping on 6/19

The last couple of weeks we have been really busy around here! We are in the midst of a living room remodel which has included the sealing of old vinyl wallpaper that couldn't come down and now we are working on restoring the old wood floor. The wallpaper project took a grand total of 20 hrs over a 5 day period to seal then paint. Hubby and I are working together we are exhausted and sore but we are making great progress. So far we have already spent 2 nearly full days on the floor and we aren't done. We have had to fit this in on days that we are actually home and available so that has put a damper on anything else I am doing.

And during all of this, it had been the last 2 weeks of my daughters musical so last week they had dress rehearsal mon-wed from 5:30-9pm then they had performances on Thurs, Sat and Sun. The previous week they had practice everyday from 9am-12.

I must confess that I haven't bought a newspaper the last 2 weeks! Oh my I can hardly believe it myself. It has just worked out that by the time Sunday rolls around I am so literally exhausted that well, I just forgot. So I have NO COUPONS from 6/21 or 6/28! Also I have done very little shopping. Basically only what we need to survive yet another week. As for our menu, well some days we make something super easy like Tacos or Sandwiches and others we make a run for the drive thru.

In the long run I know that I am going to look at my living room and be so glad that we worked so hard and saved money by not hiring anyone to do the work for us. Also I have been taking pictures so trust me when I say "Frugal Decorating/Remodeling" posts are in the works.

Here is my shopping for 6/19 through 6/25

My girls are peanut butter aholics so we had to do the Unilever deal at walgreens.
My total spent in 2 transactions was $26 and I left with $3 in Register rewards. I had no coupons too use that day but it comes out to $1.44 an item not including the Register Reward so that works for me.

Then I made a trip to Kroger to finish up. My total was $55.51 and once again I used only a couple coupons. This was all the shopping I did that week. My grand total came to $81.51.

This week was the beginning of a payday (2week period) so I had a total of $200 for the 2 weeks in my budget.