Friday, May 29, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

Long long ago in a land so far away lived a mommy a daddy and two lovely little girls. Emeri and Jonah were the sweetest (most of the time) little girls. They played with dolls, watched silly cartoons and the danced and laughed the days away (occasionally). Life was good and mommy never had to worry about school or boys or any of the hard things that preteen girls endure. Instead she read stories, braided hair and spent many an afternoon watching Caillou or the Big Comfy Couch.

Somewhere along the way these sweet little girls gave up the dolls and cartoons, well at least most of them. They have turned into amazing young ladies and I am so proud of them. Next year Emeri will be going into 8th grade and Jonah will be in 6th. Some days the thought of them growing up makes me sad and I really wish I could turn back the time and make them toddlers again.

Alas I know I cannot. I can however cherish the moments that we have in the here and now. I thank God everyday for the priveledge of having two wonderful daughters.

Emeri and Jonah at this years Jr High Honors Program. Emeri was awarded for having higher than a 4.5 avg for all 3 years of Jr High and Jonah was awarded for having higher than a 4.5 avg for her first year of Jr High. Mommy and Daddy are proud! :)