Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What to Eat When Camping Besides Hot dogs?

That time of year is almost here, time to head out to the great outdoors for a camping trip!

Okay, I must admit, I do NOT camp! Hubby and the girls camp but I do not. The whole outdoor, dirty, bug, kinda thing just doesn't attract me.

But for my Hubby and those of you who do camp what do you eat when you are out there? Hot dogs again!?

I have just put up some great recipes on my new Squidoo Lens: What to Cook When You are Camping! Great Camping Recipes , so feel free to check it out.

In the meantime here is a great basic recipe that is super easy to make and very delicious!!

Roast Corn

Ears of corn (in my family you need 1 per person)
Salt and pepper to taste
Butter to taste

Peel ears leaving husks on at bottom and remove corn silk. Replace
husks covering ears and tie around top. Dip corn in salt water. Place
corn on screen over hot coals and turn often until all side are done.
When cooked remove husks and add salt and pepper and margarine.

What is your favorite camping recipe? Do you head for the hot dogs every time or do you try and spice it up?