Friday, May 22, 2009

Last Weeks of School = Insanity

These last few weeks of school have just been crazy around here!

Between all the endless end of the year trips, summer sports and starting the musical my girls have been needing more and more money nearly everyday. Not to mention that try as I might I am struggling daily remembering what is going on around here.

When I was in school we had one big end of the year field trip, the older I got the more elaborate the trip was. My daughters on the other hand get a few trips.

Never get any detentions in school = trip to minor league ball game
Join 7th/8th grade choir or band = trip to Holiday World
Each class also gets a small end of the year field trip

Not to mention that projects are top priority for my 5th grader right now. Last week it was the diorama for Hatchet followed by making a catapult, having Root beer float day and finishing up with tye dye t-shirt day.

Everyday I have been hearing...I need $20 for this, I have to turn in $5 for this, I need supplies, we have to provide this for the class and oh wait mom I forgot I need $20 more this morning! Ugggh

Then Jonah started softball a few weeks ago and practices have us spending our evenings at the ball field. This week Jonah and Emeri both started rehearsing for Mulan. So almost every night is full. Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy watching my daughter play softball, I get so excited when she gets out on the field and gives it her all. Also having them both in the summer musical every year is such a wonderful experience and I wouldn't trade it for the world. But let me tell ya this momma is a little bit worn out! :)

I am so ready for school just to be out already and the girls to be home with me. The past couple weeks the girls have just been too busy to cook with me and I am really missing that. So I am looking forward to getting back to it.

Last week we didn't stick to our meal plan at all so this week I decided to go for super simple. Most every night hubby and the kids were barely home before we had to turn around and head off to the ball field.

This week we ate:
Mon. Tacos
Tues. Hot dogs and Mac and cheese
Wed. Bacon and Eggs
Thur. Beans and rice with Turkey Keilbasa
Fri. Grilled Steak and fried potatoes

So it wasn't fancy or spectacular but it was easy, every enjoyed and I managed to stay on task. Hopefully things will go as well next week.

Thankfully this next week there are no ball games but musical rehearsal will be in full force. Here's to hoping I can keep track!