Monday, May 11, 2009

KFC Not Honoring Their Free Meal Coupons

Just last week the blogosphere was a buzz with the Free 2pc Kentucky Grill Chicken Meal coupons. I personally didn't get a chance to print them, every time I tried I would get an error. I am sure the site was just too swamped with all the smart savvy people out there getting their free coupons.

Well apparently no sooner than this promotion started it ended. Apparently KFC did not realize that when they allowed 4 coupon prints per customer that the customers would print them. Here you can watch a video from the KFC President apologizing for the inconveinence.

Apparently you can get a Rain Check for these coupons. In order to do so go to a local participating KFC and get a Rain check form. Fill that out and attach it to the original coupon and return it to the store manager by May 19th. They will send you a rain check for the free meal at a later date plus you will receive a free pepsi.

I really find this whole thing absurd! Why can't you just go into KFC present the coupon and the Manager write out a rain check right then? I have to say I am glad I could never get the coupons to print of I would have been an unhappy customer.


Coffee Nomad said...

i just heard that they're not accepting these coupons anymore... dang i always seem to hear about free stuff after it's too late