Sunday, May 24, 2009

BK Mocha Joe Vs. McD's McCafe Iced Mocha

I am really a fan of iced coffee! I don't have it very often but I enjoy pretty much anything they offer at Starbucks and Gloria Jeans.

I recently tried both the BK Mocha Joe and McDonald's McCafe Iced Mocha.

I tried that Mcd's version first. It was about three weeks ago when hubby and I decided to run through the drive-thru and get an un-sweet iced tea. As usual the girl running the drive-thru asked if we wanted to try one of the new McCafe iced coffees and that day I decided I would.

I got the McCafe Iced Mocha and to be honest it was terrible! So terrible in fact that I took a few sips and ended up throwing the rest of it away. It was extremely strong and just didn't taste good at all. I have had a few people tell me they loved it and a few others tell me it was terrible so I am not sure it it was a matter of taste of the product or the person making it!? So far I have not attempted to try another one.

The following week I was out with my mom and sister and we went through the Burger King drive-thru. My sister was raving about the BK Mocha Joe so I figured "what the heck", I will give it a try.

I loved the Mocha Joe! It was a great balance of coffee and sweetness. I enjoyed it so much that it didn't last very long. I have to say I was quite sad that it just didn't last long enough.

Have you tried either the Mocha Joe or the Iced Mocha McCafe? How did you like them? Which one did you prefer?


poohbear said...

Even though I have not tried either one.. I have however tried the Hazelnut Java Chiller from Sonic.. I am in love its so good, better than the Moolate from Dairy Queen (which I don't think they make anymore, but was awesome) Anyway, I think you would love the Java Chillers from Sonic. Give it a try and lets see if I'm right. Oh you might want to go for a large the first time. It will last a little longer. lol

Amber said...

I didn't even know that Sonic had iced coffee. We don't go to Sonic very often. I think I will have to make a special trip just to try it. Oh and thanks for suggesting a large, the small ones are just teasers ! :)

Just us 5 in L.A. said...

I know this was a posted a little over a week ago, but I had to add. I LOVE the Mocha Joe!!!! When I first tried the McD's one I thought it was horrible too. The last time I got one I told them I would like extra chocolate and they did. It was much better, but still no Mocha Joe.
Just thought I'd add. I've never commented on a blog before, just trying to figure out my own. Of course a coffee comment was my first. Ha!! Have a great day.

Christie said...

My kids and I have developed a at home recipe for Java Chillers. I have it on my blog -
Make Your Own Javachillers

Hope the html works :)

Anonymous said...

Be care with these....I loved the BK Mocha Joe so much I KNEW it was not good for me....but thought "how fattening can coffee & a little syrup be"....well, found out these are over 300 calories and have 63g of sugar!!! Needless to say, I make the lowfat version at home.