Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shopping April 10th through 16th

This week was the beginning of a new payday and a new $200. My budget is $200 bi-weekly for all groceries, household supplies, personal care supplies and dog food.

I made this trip the day after we got home from Memphis and it was a long day. The girls and I also had to shop for last minute Easter Dresses and we were gone like 6hrs. I cannot find my receipts. I pretty much shopped from my list, getting the items needed to complete the next weeks meals and fresh fruits and veggies. I also used hardly any coupons.

At Kroger I spent $51.85 (had to check my bank records)
At Walmart I spent $20, part of it was that $8 chocolate cake that I was too tired to make to take to Easter dinner.

Not pictured was a quick trip to Walgreens. They were out of everything!

Scunci Elastic $2
Frappucino $1.99

Total Spent $4.18 and earned $2 Register Rewards.

I am going to try to get back in the swing of things next week. I just never really had the time to get to CVS or check back at Walgreens.

My grand total for the week is $76.01