Monday, April 6, 2009

Recycling our Plastic Grocery Store Bags

I am sure there are a lot of ways to recycle all those plastic bags we get at Walmart, the grocery stores and the drug stores. As a matter of fact I know that I can drop them off at Kroger but it is something that I never ever think of.
So I bring them home and shove them into a bottom drawer in my kitchen. This drawer is huge, it is 12X22X20 and it is crammed full of plastic bags.

We do use some here and there but we don't go through them very fast at all. The completely full drawer is an accumulation of living in this house for 3 yrs. I have no idea how my bags are in there but I am going to see how far these bags can go!

I ran out of trash bags on Mar 18th, it was 2 days before shopping day and I decided I didn't just want to run to WalMart and buy trash bags. I thought I would wait until friday. So I decided instead we would put our trash into our smaller plastic bags and when they were full tie them up and toss them into our trash cans.

Obviously this is a little more time consuming but after the 2 days I decided we would see how long it would be before we would have to buy trash bags again. My thoughts were "Why buy more plastic when I have a ton of plastic?" At first my hubby and kids weren't too excited about the idea but now they are on board.

We have hardly made a dent in the last 19 days and I am excited to see how long this will go.

How do you recycle your plastic grocery bags?

Or do you prefer to use reuseable bags?


Cassie said...

we reuse our plastic bags as trashbags for our small trashcans, trashbags in our cars, picking up dog poop, and for poopy diapers that need to go out right away!

jules said...

I also reuse my plastic bags for trash, and I have not purchased trash bags in over 18 months!! Great savings!

Amber said...

Great Job Jules! 18 months is a long time. I am hoping I can go for a very long time. We will see. I still have tons and tons of bags left.

Carrie said...

I love Target bags for trash. Used to love the Whole Foods plastic bags before they stopped having them. Not so thrilled with the regular-sized store bags so I try to use my cloth bags there.
When I was volunteering at a kids' consignment sale this year I was asked to take home some "trash" to put in my home Dumpster. When I put it in my car I realized that the trash was no more than a big garbage bag full of tons of kitchen-sized bags and large store bags. These were the bags that donors and consigners were dropping off the clothes in. We will be using all those for a good long time!