Thursday, March 26, 2009

Walgreen's Woes

I posted my shopping trip for 3/13-3/19 a couple days ago. After my very first trip to Walgreen's I stated that it was a hideous trip and I would post about it later. Well later has come.

I think I have told you before my closest Walgreens is in Big Town which is 20 miles away. Now I am always in Big Town on Sunday for church, Tuesday for my family day with Mom and Sis and on most weeks Friday for shopping day. So of course I plan my Walgreen's trips according to the days I will be in Big Town!

There are a few wonderful cashiers there who are super nice, very helpful and are very coupon friendly. Then there is an older lady who has some kind of a foreign accent who isn't so coupon friendly. No offense to older ladies with foreign accents just wanted to describe her for local readers who may want to steer clear of her line.

Anyway, a month or so ago I had an issue in her line where none of my items rang up what they were marked on the shelf. She refused to even see if I was right then refused to use my coupons. So I told her to forget it and she told me I could go to the make-up counter. So I left with no merchandise.

This time I was going in mainly for the diaper deal for my sister but I still had coupons left for the other deals they had going on. Like the glade and the garnier. Now I had already done the deals earlier on in the week and I knew everything rang up right so I figured it would be okay to go through her line (she was the only cashier there).

So I went up and I had a quite a few items and lots of coupons. For the Walgreen's IVC's I had 2 Glade Impressions, 2 Glade Sense & Spray and 2 Garniers. First of all she literally stood there and studied all of my coupons. Each and every one and she sat them on the counter in 2 stacks. I just stood there and smiled. She then started ringing all of my items except my 2 Garniers and the 2 Glade Sense and Spray. Next she started taking off my coupons and when she got to my $4 Glade Sense and Spray it wouldn't work because she hadn't even rang it up yet.

By this point there were 2 more customers standing behind me waiting. So she turns to me and says "You can't use these coupons" and hands me the Glade coupons. So I politely hold up the Glade coupon and say "Sure I can, this coupon is for this item" I try to show her the picture and point to the Glade still sitting on the counter. She repeats herself, "No you cannot use those coupons". Once again I say "This coupon goes to this item right here, you just need to ring it up". At which point she takes the coupon from my hand and says "Would you like me to show you?", she scans the coupon and it beeps (cuz she still hasn't rang up the item) and says "See, you cannot not use this coupon, you haven't bought this item, the computer dosen't lie!?"

I am getting very upset at this point but trying really hard not to look like it! So one last plea I say "All you have to do is ring up the Glade then try the coupon, I promise it will work. You just haven't rang it up yet." So she looks at me and smiles and then finally rings up the glade then she scans the coupons and low and behold they go through. The she looks at me and says, "See there was no reason for you to get upset now was there?"

Uggh, I am getting mad now because I have seriously been nothing but polite and as soft spoken as I could be. Left on the counter are the 2 Garnier. So she says "You can only have one of those! The coupon says only one!". I say fine and she gives me my total. I pay and then stand there knowing I am getting a couple register rewards.

She hands me my receipt and says "Have a nice day", then turns to start ringing up the next lady. So I stand there and say that I have RR's coming. A $1 rr comes out and she hands it to me and says "I said, Have a nice day". So I say " I have a $10 RR coming for the diaper deal". She then gives me a look and sighs gets the RR and hands it to me and says "Like I told you, Have a nice day". But she wasn't saying it nicely at all!

I left and I was soooooooooooo mad!!! If you could have only seen all the looks and the eye rolls she was giving me in front of customers behind me. I am not a person who stands up for myself very well. But I had been in that store for a long time picking out all that stuff and matching the coupons and I wanted it.

After I calmed down I called the store manger who was super nice. I just told him how she treated me and how horrible she made me feel. I was very calm and soft spoken with him as I was with her above but I knew it was very important not to let my anger get the best and make a fool of myself. Anyway, I told him that I will never go through her line again. Then after I told him about all the bad stuff I went on to brag to him about my very favorite cashier there and how wonderful and helpful she is to me.

So that trip really sucked and I am not kidding when I say I will never go through her lane again!