Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shopping March 20th through 26th

If you recall on the previous week I had already spent a whopping $167.22 out of my $200 bi weekly budget.

March 20th

20oz Dr Pepper $1.39
2 Beggin Strips @ $2.24 each
3 Quaker Simple Harvest Granola Bars @ $2.50 each
2 Quaker Life Cereal @ $2.50 each

B1G1 Free Beggin Strips -$2.24
3 $1 off Quaker Simple Harvest
2 $1 off Life Cereal

Total spent $11.65 and earned a $5 Gift Card
Forgot to pay with a $5 gift card.


5 Iams Smart Puppy Food @ $5 each
1 Pkg girls socks $6

5 $5 off Iams

Total Spent $8.64, technically though clothing is not included in our Grocery/house budget. So I only paid tax on the dog food. A total of $2.12 for the dog food tax.

( I am struggling with keeping a hold of my Kroger recipts!)

I can tell you my total spent was $42.99 from looking at my check register. I had a complete 30 items for the Mega Sale so there was $15 off there and I had a lot more coupons.

I was back in Walmart that afternoon with hubby while he was in the vision center. I decided to use a few more of my Iams coupons while there. (lost this receipt too)
3 Iams Smart Puppy Food @ $5 each
2 sodas @ $1.39 each

3 $5 off Iams

Total spent about $3.50

Because I still had a few more Iams coupons left and only have one dog we decided to share the wealth. We took 4 bags to Co-Workers of hubby! :)

March 24th

Kmart Doubles!

2 Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lotion @ $3.49 each
Secret Flawless $4.49
3 Nutri Pals @ $2.24 each
2 Oral B 2 pk Toothbrushes @ $4.99 each
3 Listerine Total Care @ $4.59 each
Carefree Pantiliners $1.29
2 Diego Bandaids @ $2.19 each
2 Airwick @ $2.29 each
Milk $2.99
20oz Dr. Pepper $1.49

I just realized the cashier didn't ring up the Gauze or bandage tape but did take off the coupon for one of them!

2 $1.25 off Vaseline doubled to $2.50 each
2 $1 off Bandaid doubled to $2 off each
2 $2 off Oral B doubled to $4 off each
$1 off Care Pantiliner doubled to Free
2 $1 off Airwick doubled to $2 off each
3 $2 off Listerine Total Care doubled to $4 off each
3 $1 off Nutri Pals doubled to $2 off each

Totals Spent $12.59

Walgreens (no picture)
Needed to use up Register Rewards

2 Carmex Lip Balm @ 2/$3
2 Degree Deodorant @ $1.79 each
4 Right Guard Deodorant @ $1.69 each
8 Personal Cheese Pizza's @ 50cents each (clearance)
20oz Dr. Pepper $1.39


2 75cents off Degree
2 $1/2 Right Guard
-$14 Register Rewards

Total spent $2.30

March 25th


3 St. Ives Cleanser @ $3.99 each
Crest Pro Health @ $3.49
20oz Dr. Pepper $1.49
Candy Bar 89cents

3 $1 off St Ives
50cents off Crest
-$10 Extra Care Bucks

Total spent $4.86

So my total spent this week was $80.01 for a grand Total of $247.23! Yikes!
Considering the fact the 2 previous paydays I was under budget almost a total $50 I am calling myself even.

A portion of these items came straight home and went into the donation bin.

I expect next payday I will be well under budget. I am getting pretty stocked up even with donations!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your blog from MSM. Can I ask why you buy 20oz sodas almost every time you go to the store? I can understand at Walgreens if you need a filler, but at Walmart, they usually have the vending machines in front and you can get your sodas cheaper. I think they are like 50c for name brand and 25c for Walmart brand? Or, you just have a soda craving? I'm totally new to your blog so I don't know anything about your shopping habits or how tight your budget is. But, I think those little $1.39 sodas add up. Thanks for reading.

Amber said...

Well it just depends. Sometimes for different reasons. I am a definite sodaholic. I rarely buy it to have at home like 12pks or 2 liter bottles unless it is a great deal or we are having company or such. If I have it at home I will drink it all!!

I allow myself 1 soda a day except on Friday.

So for example: the 20th was Friday and I got a soda at Target that morning then that afternoon had one with hubby at Walmart.

On the 24th I got one at Kmart for my daily soda and then at Walgreens I wasn't sure how close I was going to be to the tax so I grabbed one for the next day. I have had so many problems with Walgreen's.

Then on the 25th I got my daily soda while at CVS.

Trust me I know it is less expensive to buy a 12 pk but that just will not work for me. I have no will power when it comes to Dr. Pepper. As for using the vending machine, well hubby's check is direct deposit and I never have cash on hand. I use debit for everything.

I used to only drink soda on friday and then over a very stressful time I got back to drinking it daily again and I am hoping to eventually get back to the one day a week thing again.

As for my budget, it is not that tight otherwise it would probably be easier for me to say no to the Dr. Pepper altogether. LOL

CJ Sime said...

What is it they put in Dr. Pepper? I don't think it is just the caffine because I can drink other kinds and still want a DP!

I personally feel the 20oz taste better than from a can.

Oh boy. I wish I was as controlled as you!

Lisa said...

I am another fellow DP addict! I do buy it for the house though and that is a mistake! I have been buying the walmart brand which is also good and its only 2.58 for a 12 pack.

Amber said...

I don't know what is in Dr. Pepper, but I love it!! :)

I also agree with you CJ Sime that there is something I just love about a really cold 20oz bottle of Dr. Pepper!

Lisa I tow have bought the WalMart version of Dr. Pepper and it is actually pretty good. It's not Dr. Pepper but it is one of the few generic sodas I can actually enjoy drinking! :)