Monday, March 30, 2009

New Series: Cooking with My Kids

Most of you know by now that I have two wonderful daughters ages 10 and 13. My girls can make most any convenience food but I haven't really taken the opportunity to teach them to cook. What I have been waiting on I am not sure but the other day I got inspired while reading The Happy Housewife! I decided it was about time I got of my duff and started training my girls in areas that will be very important down the road. Eventually they will be wives and mothers and I would really hate for them to have to serve pizza rolls and chicken nuggets to their families day in and out!! :)

There will be 2 installments per week.
Cooking with Emeri! (my 13yr old)
Cooking with Jonah! (my 10yr old)

How will this work?
Before I head out for my friday shopping trip the girls each choose a recipe they want to cook for the next week so I can shop for the ingredients.

How is this going to service our family?
1) I will have one night per week per child to work together on a one on one basis
2) it will give the girls a goal to achieve and a sense of self worth
3) it will give me a break 2 nights a week from having to decide what to eat
4) it will get us out of the rut of eating the same thing every week

I can only see that this will be a very positive experience. Last night was the first night and Emeri cooked, I mostly just guided. Later tonight I will be posting about the experience along with pictures and recipe. I hope you will join us!