Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is WalMart No Longer For Me?

This is the question I asked myself last week as I was trying to see if I could get any deals there!

Just about 9 months ago I was a WalMart only gal. I was all about the one stop shopping. I would set out on payday with my so called budget. I would "allow" myself $250 to spend for groceries and hba. Almost always on day one of payday I would at least spend the full amount of the $250 and usually exceed it. I never clipped coupons and I would just wander around WalMart putting things in my cart until I could no longer push it well. That meant it was time to go home! :)

After I returned home I would begin remembering things we actually needed as opposed to everything I bought. Then I would end up heading to WalMart a few more times before the next payday. I almost always spent about $600 a month on all groceries/hba even though my written budget was $500 a month. With that $600 I had no extras. I ran out of stuff all the time, and had zero back up of anything in the house.

Since June I started couponing and have changed my budget to $400 a month for groceries and hba. I am almost always under plus I am starting to get a decent stockpile. We have also been giving a lot of extras to family members and have donated to a couple of organizations.
We have way more than we used to have and spend way less!

Now back to my original question to myself. Is WalMart no longer for me?
Every week as I shop I buy less and less at WalMart and more at other stores. I can never find any of the deals for WalMart that are listed on a lot of blogs.

So as I went last week to try and cash in on some of the deals I had found listed on numerous blogs, I was quite disappointed. I did not find a single one of the deals I had read about. I am starting to feel like my only reason for going to WalMart is to get my free Redbox movies!

What about you guys.....are you still WalMart shoppers?? Do you EVER find any good deals there??


Hadias said...

I have hit a few road bumps trying to cash in on Walmart deals found on other blog however; my Walmart has a poor customer relation when it comes to using a large number (anything over 4-5)

I have stopped coupon-ing there when I was told that they do not accept the J&J $3/2 proudcts.

Without shopping there I am still able to save loads of money and build up a stock-pile.

Sonia said...

I'm with you, I was the same way, but not any more I might go once a month