Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free Mentos Gum at Walgreens

If you happen to have any of those $1 off Mentos Gum coupons left then now is the time to use them. Right now at Walgreens the fruity flavors of Mentos gum are on sale $2/2. Back in the 3/1 Smart source there were coupons for $1 off 1 package of Mentos Gum making these babies free! I had 10 coupons so today I got 10 packs of gum for free.

(Just wanted to note: at my local store you actually had to buy 2 of them to get the $2/2 price. The first one rang at $1.49 and the second for 51cents)

On another Walgreens note, my hubby talked to a Co-Worker who went to the Marion Walgreens to do the Pepsi deal and our Walgreens does not consider Dr Pepper a Pepsi Product. I am glad that I didn't plan to do this deal because I would have just assumed Dr Pepper was a part of the deal. Last time CVS did a Pepsi deal our local CVS included Dr P in it.