Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Where Do You Get Your Coupons From?

I love my coupons and don't remember how I lived without them. Here are my top places to get coupons.

  • The Sunday Paper, I buy at least 2 every week. If it is a really good week I will buy more
  • Magazines: All You is the big one but many other magazines have coupons in them on occasion. Woman's Day, Family Circle etc
  • Printing them online is another great resource. Coupons.com or Coupon Loop. You can also check out the coupon banner on my sidebar.
  • Often times free samples come with coupons inside. I love signing up for the free samples on Walmart.com.
  • I have also found coupons on or in product packages.
  • Ordering them from a coupon clipping service like Coupons and things by Dede
  • eBay is also another great coupon source.
  • My last place to find coupons are places like Shortcuts.com, P&GeSavers.com and Cellfire.com. At these places you can load virtual coupons onto your stores loyalty card.
Have I left anything out?? Where do you like to get your coupons