Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Journey with Weight Watchers Online

I was so blessed to win an opportunity to try out Weight Watchers Online. Bargain Briana held a giveaway and I was the lucky winner.
Several years ago I did Weight Watcher meetings and was very successful. I lost all the leftover weight that was hanging around after having my 2 girls. Sadly after my last major surgery in 1/06 I came home and started gaining weight like crazy. Then in 2/07 I injured my neck at my part time job and spent 3months in bed and gained even more weight. By the time I was done I had gained back every pound I initially lost plus 21 more.
I started joining in a meme called Fat Burning Friday on Jan. 5th, 09 and have already lost 4lbs. I am hoping that the 3months free I have won from Weight Watchers online will give me the jump start I need to really begin to get my life back under control.

The website itself is very easy to use. After you enter all your information you will find out how many points you get to eat daily and you get 35 bonus points you can use through out the week. You can track all your eating, water consumption, veggie/fruit consumption and physical activity. Completing physical activity can earn you activity points that you can choose to use or not. Once a week you weigh in a enter your figures online.
There is also a lot of information on the site, recipes, blogs, message boards and more.
If you are looking to drop some extra weight and do not have the time to go back and forth to meetings you may want to check out Weight Watchers Online. I look forward to seeing how much I can lose in the next 3 months.