Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My First Bad Experience at CVS

Well I was really beginning to think this would never happen. Ever since I started CVS'ing last summer it has all gone so well. Everyone who works at the CVS here in my town is great. They are all so nice and even the Manager gets excited when I come in and says "Oh Good, can't wait to see what you do today"

So yesterday I didn't go to my CVS, I was in "Big Town", and went there. On Tuesdays I meet my mom and sister in "Big Town" which is about 20 miles away and we hang out for the day. Anyway, I go to their CVS every once in a while. I hadn't been there in maybe a month and thought I would go just to check their clearance. So I found a few good deals.....Slim Fast bars on clearance and with a coupon making them 67 cents a box. A few Squid soaps for a $1 each and a couple J&J Travel First Aid Kits.

So I step up to the register and it is a cashier I had never met. A lady I would guess to be in her mid to late 40's. As soon as she sees my Squid Soap she says "I hope you don't plan on using coupons for those because you can't!".

Ummmm Okay, I am little unnerved by this. I tell her I don't have any coupons for that item and she proceeds to tell me how everyone keeps trying to pass off fraudulent coupons for these. So I try to be super polite and just start talking to her about the coupons as I put my stuff on the counter.

So she is explaining about these Airborne coupons that are $2 off any Airborne product. (In my mind I am wondering how these are supposedly fraudulent) So she goes on to say that it is fraud to use them and besides the Squid soap are only $1 and the coupons are for $2.

Ok whatever I am thinking but wouldn't a coupon that reads "Any Airborne Product" work for any Airborne product including Airborne Squid Soap? (of course I didn't say this to her, I wanted her to let me use my coupons)

So she took my Slim Fast coupons, then comes my J&J travel first aid kits.

I had 2 that were 99 cents each. The coupon is the $3/2 Johnson First Aid printable. I had 4 of these printed off 2 computers. I had used 2 of them just the day before at my store buying the same exact thing. At my store the Mgr just adjusted the price to make it free.

So she just stares at the coupon......I say, "the Mgr at my store had to adjust the coupon down". She responds that she cannot take the coupons because it is not for Trial sizes. So I say, "The coupon does not say anything about trial sizes on it, it states ANY". So then she tells me that she will do it just one time but she is going to have to talk to her MGR because now they will not get paid for the coupons. So I politely say again, "The coupon specifies ANY 2 J&J First Aid products. I used the same coupon at my store for the very same items and the Mgr merely adjusted the coupon and said nothing to me about it"

So she takes the coupon and dosen't call the Mgr but Ugggggggggggh I will never go through her lane again!!! Did she just think I looked like I was going to try and "Steal" Squid Soap?


money-savingmommy said...

I am sorry to hear you had bad experience. I haven't had one at CVS yet, but I did manage to annoy the person manning the self checkouts and my grocery store. It's not our fault that coupons sometimes don't scan. I was upset and embarassed at first, but it's really given me a lot more compassion for people who are really struggling. Couponing is a humbling experience. Check out my recent post: