Thursday, February 5, 2009

Buying Milk Without Breaking the Bank

In my area of the world milk like other things has been high priced for a while now. For about the past year it is on average between $3.19 a gallon to $4 a gallon. My family loves milk but it really eats into our budget.

On occasion I am lucky enough to be in Kroger when they are marking down milk gallons that will expire in a few days. (It's not like it is going to last that long in my house). In which case I can get a gallon between $2 and $2.50. Except that I do not have a Kroger in my town. When you add the gas cost of driving out of town it isn't worth the trip just for milk.

The cheapest place around to find milk is Aldi. It runs anywhere from lower $2 to upper $2. Sadly my closest Aldi is 20 miles away. Now mind you I do shop in that town at least once a week, but the economy has made Aldi such a hot spot that I can never get in.
Every time I drive by Aldi is packed. The last time I tried to go there was about 3 weeks ago. The parking lot was packed but I thought I would brave it. I started down the aisles doing some shopping and when I got to the end I was in shock. The line to check out was all the way down the frozen section aisle and another line was down the canned goods aisle. What made it worse was these two lines were merging to go to the same cashier. Uggh! They had only 1 cashier working and they weren't calling anymore out.

So what do I do about milk? Well most of the time I get a gallon at Kroger or Walmart and bite the bullet. Thankfully though Huck's (convenience store/gas station) in our town has been running a 2/$5.98 deal off an on for milk. Maybe once every month or so they will run the special and when they do I just buy milk there.

This morning though my hubby and I found an even better deal at Circle K (another convenience store). They had milk 2/$5.49 so we snatched up 2. $2.75 a gallon for Prairie Farms was a welcomed price when I just paid $3.16 a gallon for Great Value brand at Walmart last week!