Saturday, February 28, 2009

Review and Giveaway: My Fruit Roll Ups

This giveaway is now closed!! I will be drawing a winner this afternoon!!

My daughters were so thrilled about this opportunity we received from My Blog Spark. We go to design our own Fruit Roll Ups. How cool is that?! We received a free box of 30 from My Fruit Roll Up and today, you can too!!

One lucky reader will win the opportunity to create their own personalized Fruit Rolls Ups and have then delivered right to their door.

We received ours a couple of days ago and the girls thought they were so cool! They could not wait to put them in their lunch boxes and take them to school to show them off. I have to admit they are really cute and have the most tasty Fruit Roll Up flavor. :)

So how can you win yours??

1) Just leave me a comment with your Name and email or blog address so I can get a hold of you.

2) Either subscribe to my Feedburner and leave me a separate comment or if you are already subscribe leave me a comment saying so

3) and for your 3rd possible entry blog my giveaway and leave a comment with a link to your post.

That's it! 3 possible ways to win your very own box of 30 Personalized Fruit Roll Ups
(don't forget to leave a comment for each entry)

March 7th at midnight will be the deadline for entries. On the 8th I will use to choose the winner.

****United States Addresses Only!!****

Friday, February 27, 2009

Free Sample of Kotex

If you would like to get a Free Sample of Kotex you can head over here.

I have done tons of free samples from and I have received them all. Also I love that they often come with a coupon inside. :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Try Touch of Gray for Free

Touch of Gray

You can get a free box of Touch of Gray (worth up to $9.50) by clicking the above banner and using the mail in rebate. This rebate is good for purchases made by 12/31/09.

Get a Free Sample of Pantene

Pantene Free Sample

To get your Free sample of Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner click the above banner and fill out a short form.

My First Bad Experience at CVS

Well I was really beginning to think this would never happen. Ever since I started CVS'ing last summer it has all gone so well. Everyone who works at the CVS here in my town is great. They are all so nice and even the Manager gets excited when I come in and says "Oh Good, can't wait to see what you do today"

So yesterday I didn't go to my CVS, I was in "Big Town", and went there. On Tuesdays I meet my mom and sister in "Big Town" which is about 20 miles away and we hang out for the day. Anyway, I go to their CVS every once in a while. I hadn't been there in maybe a month and thought I would go just to check their clearance. So I found a few good deals.....Slim Fast bars on clearance and with a coupon making them 67 cents a box. A few Squid soaps for a $1 each and a couple J&J Travel First Aid Kits.

So I step up to the register and it is a cashier I had never met. A lady I would guess to be in her mid to late 40's. As soon as she sees my Squid Soap she says "I hope you don't plan on using coupons for those because you can't!".

Ummmm Okay, I am little unnerved by this. I tell her I don't have any coupons for that item and she proceeds to tell me how everyone keeps trying to pass off fraudulent coupons for these. So I try to be super polite and just start talking to her about the coupons as I put my stuff on the counter.

So she is explaining about these Airborne coupons that are $2 off any Airborne product. (In my mind I am wondering how these are supposedly fraudulent) So she goes on to say that it is fraud to use them and besides the Squid soap are only $1 and the coupons are for $2.

Ok whatever I am thinking but wouldn't a coupon that reads "Any Airborne Product" work for any Airborne product including Airborne Squid Soap? (of course I didn't say this to her, I wanted her to let me use my coupons)

So she took my Slim Fast coupons, then comes my J&J travel first aid kits.

I had 2 that were 99 cents each. The coupon is the $3/2 Johnson First Aid printable. I had 4 of these printed off 2 computers. I had used 2 of them just the day before at my store buying the same exact thing. At my store the Mgr just adjusted the price to make it free.

So she just stares at the coupon......I say, "the Mgr at my store had to adjust the coupon down". She responds that she cannot take the coupons because it is not for Trial sizes. So I say, "The coupon does not say anything about trial sizes on it, it states ANY". So then she tells me that she will do it just one time but she is going to have to talk to her MGR because now they will not get paid for the coupons. So I politely say again, "The coupon specifies ANY 2 J&J First Aid products. I used the same coupon at my store for the very same items and the Mgr merely adjusted the coupon and said nothing to me about it"

So she takes the coupon and dosen't call the Mgr but Ugggggggggggh I will never go through her lane again!!! Did she just think I looked like I was going to try and "Steal" Squid Soap?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Proctor & Gamble Give Health

If you are like me you love getting that P&G Coupon insert once a month. Well not only can we save money during March and April but we can help Proctor and Gamble give health.

Proctor & Gamble is hoping to donate 1 Million Dollars towards:

* Pampers Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus Global Campaign
* PUR Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program
* Always and Tampax Protecting Futures Program

So how will this work? Pick up your March 1st and April 5th Proctor and Gamble inserts from your Sunday paper then shop. Use as many of those coupons as possible and P&G will donate 3cents per coupon to the above Charities.

If you would like to find out more about the above Charities then go here.

Win a One Year Supply of Kashi Products

Well it looks like my Hubby scooped me on this one. If you love Kashi then you need to head on over here to enter to win a One Year Supply of Kashi Products.

Free Diet Dr Pepper

If you haven 't signed up to get a Free Diet Dr Pepper yet you still can.

You can go here and choose to get either a Free 20oz or 2 Liter Diet Dr Pepper.

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's not Too Late! FREE Redbox Code

If you are a night owl or live on the West Coast then it is not too late for you to still get your FREE Redbox Movie today. I would have posted earlier but my day has been on full speed. Here in my parts there is still 2 hours until midnight so you could pick up your movie and watch it tomorrow. You have until 9pm to return it.

This one can be picked up at any Redbox Kiosk.


You have until midnight tonight to pick up your movie.

Just follow the three steps below to redeem your code at any redbox:

  1. Touch "RENT WITH A PROMO CODE" on the redbox touch screen
  2. Make your DVD selections and add them to your cart
  3. Your discount will be applied during check out

Walgreen's Best Deals of the Week 2/22 through 2/28

Gillette Fusion Gamer Razor $8.99 and earn $6 RRs
$4/1 Gillette Fusion Razor (P&G 2/8/09)

Excedrin 20 or 24-ct. $1.99 and earn $1 RRs

Gillette Embrace Razor $8.99 and earn $6 RRs
--$2/1 Gillette Razor (P&G 2/8/09)

Reynold’s Wrap 89cents (w/ in-ad coupon)
--$1/1 Reynolds Wrap Foil (Smart Source 2/8/09)

Dove Deodorant $1.99
$1.50/1 Dove Deodorant (Red Plum 1/18/09)

CVS Best Deals of the Week 2/22 through 2/28

Spend $20 on Revlon Cosmetic and Earn $10 in ECBs (limit 2)
--There have been many Revlon Coupons lately so if you are in need of makeup this could be a sweet deal

Maybelline Dream Mousse Foundation Starting at $8.39 and earn $5 Extra Care Bucks (limit 1)
--I bought the liquid and it was $9.49 at my store
$2/1 Maybelline Foundation (Red Plum 2/8/09)

Gillette Fusion Gamer, Venus Embrace or Spa Breeze Razor, $7.99 and earn $4 ECBs (limit 1)
$4/1 Gillette Fusion Razor (P&G 2/8/09)
$2/1 Venus Razor (P&G 2/8/09)

Schick Intuition Plus, $8.99 and earn $4 Extra Care Bucks (limit 1)
$2/1 Schick Intuition or Intuition Plus Razor (SS 1/25/09)

Shopping February 13th through 20th

This was the beginning of a new payday and a new $200 budget. As you can see there was some serious stocking up going on at Kroger this week. But I have to tell ya having to extra girls living at the house we are going through stuff like crazy.


11 Powerade Zero @ $1 each
2 Nestle Milk @ $1.59 each
20 oz Dr. Pepper $1.49
3 YoPlus Yogurt @ $2 each
3 GoGurt @ $2 (my nieces fav)
14 Pizza Rolls @ $1.99
8 Cottonelle @ 99cents each
Toaster Strudel $2.49
Crest Pro Health $2.22
3 Multi Grain Cheerios @ $2.49 each
Purex Detergent $2.99
2 Hefty Freezer Bag @ $1.99 each
8 Kroger Instant Oatmeal @ $1 each
3 Hunts Snack Pack Pudding @ $1 each
6 Kroger Hot Chili Beans @ 50 cents each
Ocean Spray $1.98
4 Hunts Diced Tomatoes @ 97cents each
Kroger Veggie Juice $2.35
8 Hunts Manwich @ $1 each
Smuckers jam $1.89
2 Lucky Charms @ $2.49 each
2 Banana Nut Cheerios @ $2.49 each
Kroger Milk $2.10 (markdown)
4 Kroger Bread @ 88cents each
4 Purina Fit and Trim Dog Food @ $5.79 each

-$9 Daytona Savings

2 50cents off Nestle Milk doubled
$1 off Toaster Strudel
11 40cents off Powerade doubled
4 50cents off Cottonelle doubled

2 50cent/2 Cottonelle doubled
4 $3 off Purina Dog Food
$1.50 off Crest Pro Health
3 $1 off Yoplait YoPlus
3 35 cents off GoGurt doubled
7 40cents/2 Pizza Rolls doubled
2 75 cents off Multi Grain Cheerios
$1/3 Boxes Cheerios
$1 off Ocean Spray
2 55cents off Hefty Freezer Bag
2 35cents/2 Hunts Tomatoes doubled
4 50cents/2 Manwich
2 50cents off Lucky Charms doubled
Uggh I have like 3 coupons that I am not seeing where they go at the moment
25 cent off Cottonelle (Cellfire)
50cents off Toaster Strudel (cellfire)
$1.50 off Pro health (P&G eSaver)

Total spent 84.06. I had a total savings of $111.25 for coupons, double coupons and kroger sales)

We also went to Walmart and I can't find the receipt.
4 Packages Lunch meat @ $3 each
2 Capn Crunch Touchdown @ $2 each
2 Tortillas @ $2 each
Glasses Wipes $1.97
2 Fiber Plus Bars @ $2 each

2 75 cents off Fiber Plus Bars
2 50 cnets off Capn Crunch

Total Spent $24

I made a quick stop at target I was really wanting to use the Kashi Cereal Bar Coupons I had printed and no one sells them around here but Target. (Note: I did not purchase the sweet little girls in the background :) They are my youngest daughter Jonah on the left and my niece Rori on the right)

4 Kashi Cereal Bars @ $2.75 each
3 Crest Pro Health Night with Bonus @ $2.54 each

4 $2 off Kashi Cereal Bars
3 $1.50 off Crest Pro Health

Total spent $6

Walgreens has been a mess for me lately. At my store the Walgreens coupons in the monthly book always beep these days. Once upon a time I could go in there and get as many items as manufacturer coupons and it would go through just fine. Not anymore! Last time I went to Walgreens I left with nothing. This time everything got messed up.
The last time these disposable razors were in the monthly book I went in used all the coupons I had in one order. The monthly coupon had a couple different razors on one and it all worked. It took of $2 for each one. Not this time.

Boost Kid Essentials $13.49
2 Gillette Fusion Combo Pack @ $8.99 (these were clearly marked $4.99 but rang up wrong)
Xtreme 3 Razor $4.99
Shick Quattro Disposable $4.99
ST Twin Disposable $4.99
Gillette Venus Spa Breeze $8.99

~Coupons~ -
$13.49 Free boost Coupon

2 $4 off Gillette Fusion

3 $2 off Shick Disposables

$2 Venus

The instore coupon beeped. The cashier messed with it and by this time a line was forming

My total was $27.47 Huh?? I payed stepped outside to collect my thoughts. I realized the Gillette was wrong and that I got no Register Rewards.

I came back and the manager rerang the Gillette packs and I got a refund of $8.68
Then he rerang the Venus and this time I got my $6 in RR.

I didn't realize until I was leaving again that I only got $2 taken off for 1 of the disposables. So it should have been $4 cheaper.

But my final total was $18.89 and earned $6 Register Rewards

I used the $6 Register Rewards to buy:

3 jars Skippy @ 3/$5
Orbit Gum $1.29

$6 Register Rewards

Total Paid 35 cents

Last, I had a CRT from CVS for a New or Transferred prescription. My daughter has 4 monthly prescriptions so off I went to get my $25 gift card. I considered this to be FREE money and didn't take it out of my budget.

Tranaction #1
2 Colgate Total Advanced @ $2.99 each
4 Herbal Essences @ $2.99 each
2 Johnson and Johnson Bandages with Neosporin 5ct @ $4.99 each

$1 off Colgate
2 $3/2 Herbal Essences
$3/2 J&J Red Cross Items
$3 Extra Care Bucks

Total Spent $16.10 on Gift card and Earned $5.98 ECB for Colgate, $4 ECB for Herbal Essence and $6 ECB for Johnson and Johnson. For a total of $15.98 in ECBs

Transaction #2
2 Neutrogena Soap @ $2.99 each

Total Spent $6.41 on Gift Card and Earned $10 ECBs

Transaction #3

3 Suave Body Wash 50% more @ $2 each

75 cents off 2 Suave Body Wash
Free Suave Product took off $3

Total Spent $2.49 on gift card and 20cents cash. This didn't produce the ECBs so the Mgr had to force them. Earned $2 ECBs

My total Spent for the week was $133.15 and I have $27.98 in Extra Care Bucks for next week.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Fat Burning Friday 2/20

First off I want to apologize for the major lack of posts this past week. Life has been busy around here with 2 extra girls under my roof. I am going to try and get caught up and stay that way.
I never got around to posting FBF last week, which I guess didn't make a huge bit of difference.

There was nothing amazing to report last week. Busy life = drive-thru = no weight loss!

This week has been better, still not perfect eating but a lot better than last week. I have also had some sort of exercise every day this past week.

Last Friday night my hubby and I gave in and bought a Wii! We have been wanting one for a long time and just hadn't shelled out the money for it. We were planning on getting one for Christmas this year and then our furnace went out. So when we got a little more than we had planned on our income taxes we decided it was time.

First though I got a brand new Washer, Dryer and Stove. Then we got the wii. I love it, as a matter of fact we all love it. The rule here is NO lazy Wiiing (I am sure that is not a word *L*). You must be up off the couch, no fancy wrist tricks to make it work.

Anyway, we have been playing Wii Sports like crazy. My favorite is Tennis I have been playing right and left handed to work both sides. Let me tell you that my arms, back, shoulder and stomach have been sore all week. But we are having a blast and I now it is much better than sitting on the couch doing nothing all evening.

I have been calling all around trying to find Wii Fit. I finally got one yesterday. I did 30 minutes worth of exercise on it last night and can't wait to get on it again this morning. What's really cool is that my hubby's work will reimburse us for the Wii Fit.

So my week wasn't the best but it wasn't the worst. I am hoping with the Wii Fit, this week will be more of a weight loss.

Goals for the week:
-Stay away from the drive thru
-Use the Wii Fit at least 4 days for at least 30 min
-drink water
-feel good about me....try and remember what I am doing is not an instant thing and that I am working towards changing my daily habits, my health and my strength. I am trying to be a better me not a super model!

Pounds lost this week = 1

Fat Burning Pounds Lost Since Jan. 5, 09 - 5
Fat Burning Pounds to Go - 73

If you would like to join in Fat Burning Friday feel free to head over to Mommy Snacks!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Free Redbox Movie Code 2/16/09

Okay guys here is todays free Redbox Code. This one can be picked up at any Redbox Kiosk.


You have until midnight tonight to pick up your movie.

Just follow the three steps below to redeem your code at any redbox:

  1. Touch "RENT WITH A PROMO CODE" on the redbox touch screen
  2. Make your DVD selections and add them to your cart
  3. Your discount will be applied during check out

Shopping February 6th through 12th

Well this past week was very busy for me. My nieces stayed with me Wednesday and Thursday night. Over the next few weeks they will be staying at my house most nights through the week. Friday was really busy, trying to get all my done. Then hubby and I went appliance shopping.

I was so excited to get a new washer and dryer as well as a new stove. Happy V-day to me! :)

Last weeks shopping was almost non-existent. After spending like $153 the previous week I didn't have a lot that I needed. I did however pick up some milk and bread and I did make one trip to CVS.

Excedrin Migraine 100ct $8.99

-$5 Extra Care Bucks
-$2 Excedrin Migraine Coupon

Total Spent $2.03 and earned $3 Extra Care Bucks

I spent under $15 keeping me under budget

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Most Memorable Valentines Day

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I have had a lot of Valentines in my life. Saturday will actually be my 34th. I have had many wonderful V-days. I have a hubby who is pretty romantic and knows me well.

First of all I am the kind of girl who can't stand spending lots of dough on flowers. Not that I don't like flowers, it's just that they are so darn expensive. So my hubby learned very early on that if he really wanted to get me flowers he makes it simple. One flower in a pretty vase with greenery and maybe some Baby's Breathe and that is more than enough.

I could go back through the last 15yrs of our marriage and name many Valentines days that were really special but for now I will tell you about my favorite one that didn't cost hardly any money.

Hubby and I were married on February 4th of 1994 so V-day was only 10 days away. Also this was our very 1st Valentines day together. That's right! We had a love at first sight relationship and were married 7 months and 1 day after we met! So 2/14/94 was our first and the most memorable for me.

I was working at WalMart at the time and come to think of it, so was he. We were young and in love. (I thinks we are still pretty young :) and for sure in Love) I had to work that day and he was home in our tiny 1 bedroom apartment. So after a super long day standing at a cash register I came home to a candlelit living room. There was a blanket on the floor and a picnic. He cooked pasta for me with some chicken and it was so yummy. After dinner we had ice cream sundaes that he put in these beautiful wine glasses someone had bought for our wedding shower. It was a wonderful night and the thought and effort was worth so much more than flowers or gifts. It was a memory I will never forget.

You can make your loved ones day so special just by doing some kind of act of service that would really mean a lot to him or her. Those type of gifts may have no monetary value but their actual value is worth so much more!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Free 7-Day Guest Membership at Bally Total Fitness

Update: This is no longer available!

I totally wish we had one of these anywhere near me, I would definitely be checking it out.

All you need to do is fill out a short form and choose your location to receive a free 7-day trial membership. The perfect opportunity to see if this gym is right for you.

Walgreens Best Deals of the Week 2/8 through 2/14

Gillette Fusion Gamer or Venus Embrace Razors $8.99 each
Earn $6 Register Rewards
$4 off Gillette Fusion (P&G insert 2/8)
$2 off Venus (P&G insert 2/8)

Select General Mills Cereals 3/ $7
Earn $1 Register Rewards

Kroger Best Deals of the Week 2/8 thorugh 2/14

The Daytona 500 Mix and Match is making a reappearance this week.
If you combine these deals with coupons you can really save some money.

A few other things to mention:

bananas 39cents/lb
Kroger instant Oatmeal 10/$10
Cameo Organic Apples 98cents/lb

Winner of Starkist Tuna Creations

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-02-10 13:54:11 UTC

Bovee Brigade said...

I have not tried these but my children and I love tuna (too bad for the papa) and would love some coupons to try this product! Thanks for a great giveaway!

I have sent an email to the winner. Thanks to all who participated.

Monday, February 9, 2009

CVS Best Deals of the Week 2/8 throught 2/14

Gillette Fusion Gamer or Venus Embrace Razor $7.99 and earn $4 Extra Care Bucks limit 1
$4 off Gillette Fusion (2/8 P&G Insert) = Free after ECBs
$2 off Venus Embrace (2/8 P&G insert) = $1.99 after ECBs

Spend $10 on Select Nivea Products and earn $3 Extra Care Bucks limit 1

For the rest of the deals this week you can check out your local CVS ad here!

Target Best Deals of the Week 2/8 through 2/14

Progresso Soup $1.40 a can
$1.10/1 Progresso Soup Printable here

Selected General Mills Cereals 3/$7
75cents off 1 General Mills Cereals here

Gillette Fusion Power or Venus Embrace $7.99 each
Buy 2 and receive a $5 Target Gift Card
$4/1 Gillette Fusion (2/8 P&G insert)
$2/1 Venus (2/8 P&G insert)

Internet printables usually allow you to print 2 coupons per computer.

Shopping January 30th through February 5th

I had planned to do this the end of last week but being sick I am just now trying to get caught up. I have had a $200 budget per payday for all grocery and hba items for several months now and it seems to be going quite well. Eventually I want to drop it a little more but I am working on stocking up on groceries now. Our payday is for 2 weeks.

I had a wonderful picture where I actually worked for a long time trying to get all my grocery goodies on my table and then had to stand on a chair. Sadly I have deleted it by mistake. :(

Hubby shopped with me this week and enjoyed actually seeing the value of the coupon.

First Stop, Kroger 1/30:

3 Cottonelle Toilet Paper @ 99 cents each
3 Kroger Value Bread @ 88 cents each
3 YoPlait Yogurt @ $2 each
3 Kraft Shred Cheese @ $1.99
3 Triscuit @ $2.49 each
3 Wheat Thins @ $2.49
Ground Beef (marked down) $2.34
Ground Beef (marked down) $2.45
Ground Beef (marked down) $2.47
Ground Beef (marked down) $2.34
Round Steak (marked down) $1.90
2 Tropicana Pure Oj @ $2.99 each
3 Pillsbury Strudel @ $2.49 each
4 Pace Picante Sauce @ $2.29 each
2 Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding @ $1 each
Smuckers Jam $2.39
2 Turkey Lunchmeat @ $2.50 each
2 Kroger Value Sugar @ $1.99 each
Kroger Veggie Juice $2.35
2 Kroger Peanut Butter @ $1.50 each
Ken's Lite Dressing $1.99
4 Hormel Chili @ $1 each
2 Tombstone Pizza @ $2.99 each
2 Rotel @ 99cents each
10 Koolaid @ 20 cents each
3 French's Mustard @ $1.79 each
2 Sardines @ 99 cents each
Kroger Lentils $1.19
2 Healthy Life Franks @ $3.50 each
Kroger Popcorn $1.39
Kroger Rice 99 cents
Bananas $1.94
One Item that I have no idea what it is 75 cents

-$15 off for Mega Event
-$27 off for Coupons
-$6.27 off for doubled coupons

(I would break it down but it seems like an eternity since this trip and I just don't have the energy:)

Total spent $82.50

Then we went to Walmart 1/30
AngelSoft 12 roll $3.78
Great Value Paper Towels $2.86
3 Quaker Tortilla Chips @ $1.37 each
Great Value Plates $2.46
2 Buddies Soaps @ 97cents each
2 Baja Tortillas @ $2 each
40ct Cups $1.28
Borden Cheese $2.88
2 Plastic Fork/Spoon @ $1.28 each
2 Fiber Plus Bars @ $1.88 each
2 South Beach Diet Bars @ $2.60 each
Great Value Olives $1.50
4 Great Value Corn @ 52 cents each
2 Great Value Onion Soup @ 92 cents each
5 Lean Gourmet Pizza @ 94 cents each
Turkey Bacon $2.50
Colored Pencils 97 cents
2 Gallon Milk @ $3.16 each
18ct Eggs $2.18
4 Kellog's Cereal $2.37-$2.50
Something for $3 ? can't remember

Ad Matched Cereal to $1.99 a box
2 $1.50/2 Kellog's Cereal
2 $1 off Johnson's Buddies
2 $2 off South Beach Diet Bars
2 75cents off Fiber Plus Bars
$1 off 5 Lean Gourmet Meals
3 $1 off any Quaker rice cakes

total Spent $55.04

I also made two trips to CVS on 2/1 and 2/3

Trip 2/1

Excedrin 10ct $2.49
KY Yours and Mine $19.99
Always Infinity 18ct $5.99
2 Johnson's Buddies @ $1.19 each

-$3 Extra Care Buck
-$5/$30 CVS Q
$5 off KY Yours and Mine
$5.99 off "Free" Always Infinity
2 $1 off Johnson's Buddies

Total Spent = $10.98 and earned $12.49 Extra Care Bucks ($2.49 for Excedrin and $10 for KY)

Trip 2/3
Transaction 1

6 Stayfree 18ct Pads @ $3.99 each

-$10 Extra Care Bucks
3 buy 1 Get 1 Free Stayfree Pads

Total Spent $2.11 and earned $10 Extra Care Bucks ($2 ECB for buying Stayfree limit 5)

Transaction #2

Speedstick 24/7 Deodorant $2.50
SoftSoap Bodywash $3.50
3 Irish Spring 3pk Soap @ $2 each
4 Palmolive Dish Soap @ 97cents each
Dr Pepper $1.49

$10 Extra Care Buck
$2.49 Extra Care Buck
75 cents off Speedstick
75 cents off Softsoap Body Wash
50cent/2 Irish Spring
25cents off Palmolive Dish Soap

total Spent = $2.98 and earned $5 Extra Care Bucks (Spend $15 Colgate -Palmolive items and earn $5)

For a Grand total of $153.61 leaving me with $46.39

FREE Redbox Movie Code 2/09/09

Okay guys here is todays free Redbox Code. This one can be picked up at any Redbox Kiosk.


You have until midnight tonight to pick up your movie.

Just follow the three steps below to redeem your code at any redbox:

  1. Touch "RENT WITH A PROMO CODE" on the redbox touch screen
  2. Make your DVD selections and add them to your cart
  3. Your discount will be applied during check out

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Journey with Weight Watchers Online

I was so blessed to win an opportunity to try out Weight Watchers Online. Bargain Briana held a giveaway and I was the lucky winner.
Several years ago I did Weight Watcher meetings and was very successful. I lost all the leftover weight that was hanging around after having my 2 girls. Sadly after my last major surgery in 1/06 I came home and started gaining weight like crazy. Then in 2/07 I injured my neck at my part time job and spent 3months in bed and gained even more weight. By the time I was done I had gained back every pound I initially lost plus 21 more.
I started joining in a meme called Fat Burning Friday on Jan. 5th, 09 and have already lost 4lbs. I am hoping that the 3months free I have won from Weight Watchers online will give me the jump start I need to really begin to get my life back under control.

The website itself is very easy to use. After you enter all your information you will find out how many points you get to eat daily and you get 35 bonus points you can use through out the week. You can track all your eating, water consumption, veggie/fruit consumption and physical activity. Completing physical activity can earn you activity points that you can choose to use or not. Once a week you weigh in a enter your figures online.
There is also a lot of information on the site, recipes, blogs, message boards and more.
If you are looking to drop some extra weight and do not have the time to go back and forth to meetings you may want to check out Weight Watchers Online. I look forward to seeing how much I can lose in the next 3 months.

Fat Burning Friday....Kinda

Okay, so I know this isn't Friday! My Friday was slept away, literally.

Last week I began Weight Watchers online that I won on Bargain Briana. Of course this would be the week our schedule would be pretty full and I would give in to eating out too many times. Believe it or not we have eaten out hardly at all in 2009 and last week we ate out 3 or 4 times. Needless to say that put me over my point allotment as well as my flex point allotment.
I did get in 2 40 minute walks on the treadmill.

Sadly I lost no weight but am not at all surprised. I am looking forward to the new week and the use of my new tools.
I had planned to do this post on Friday but I woke up with massive cold. Couldn't breathe, coughing, sneezing, headache, swollen glands, and sore ears. I slept most of Friday and on into Saturday. Today I didn't finally get up and around until about 1pm. Even though I have been in a nearly vegetative state for the last few days I have managed to stay on my points. I am hoping to feel well enough in the next day or 2 to get on the treadmill a couple of times.

Goal for this week:
  • Keep on Track with Weight Watchers
  • Hopefully walk at least 2x (at the moment I am still very run down)
  • water, water, water (I gave in and got myself some yummy flavored waters)
  • keep positive

Fat Burning Pounds Lost Since Jan. 5, 09 - 4
Fat Burning Pounds to Go - 74

If you would like to join in on Fat Burning Friday then head on over to Mommy Snacks!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Buying Milk Without Breaking the Bank

In my area of the world milk like other things has been high priced for a while now. For about the past year it is on average between $3.19 a gallon to $4 a gallon. My family loves milk but it really eats into our budget.

On occasion I am lucky enough to be in Kroger when they are marking down milk gallons that will expire in a few days. (It's not like it is going to last that long in my house). In which case I can get a gallon between $2 and $2.50. Except that I do not have a Kroger in my town. When you add the gas cost of driving out of town it isn't worth the trip just for milk.

The cheapest place around to find milk is Aldi. It runs anywhere from lower $2 to upper $2. Sadly my closest Aldi is 20 miles away. Now mind you I do shop in that town at least once a week, but the economy has made Aldi such a hot spot that I can never get in.
Every time I drive by Aldi is packed. The last time I tried to go there was about 3 weeks ago. The parking lot was packed but I thought I would brave it. I started down the aisles doing some shopping and when I got to the end I was in shock. The line to check out was all the way down the frozen section aisle and another line was down the canned goods aisle. What made it worse was these two lines were merging to go to the same cashier. Uggh! They had only 1 cashier working and they weren't calling anymore out.

So what do I do about milk? Well most of the time I get a gallon at Kroger or Walmart and bite the bullet. Thankfully though Huck's (convenience store/gas station) in our town has been running a 2/$5.98 deal off an on for milk. Maybe once every month or so they will run the special and when they do I just buy milk there.

This morning though my hubby and I found an even better deal at Circle K (another convenience store). They had milk 2/$5.49 so we snatched up 2. $2.75 a gallon for Prairie Farms was a welcomed price when I just paid $3.16 a gallon for Great Value brand at Walmart last week!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Where Do You Get Your Coupons From?

I love my coupons and don't remember how I lived without them. Here are my top places to get coupons.

  • The Sunday Paper, I buy at least 2 every week. If it is a really good week I will buy more
  • Magazines: All You is the big one but many other magazines have coupons in them on occasion. Woman's Day, Family Circle etc
  • Printing them online is another great resource. or Coupon Loop. You can also check out the coupon banner on my sidebar.
  • Often times free samples come with coupons inside. I love signing up for the free samples on
  • I have also found coupons on or in product packages.
  • Ordering them from a coupon clipping service like Coupons and things by Dede
  • eBay is also another great coupon source.
  • My last place to find coupons are places like, P& and At these places you can load virtual coupons onto your stores loyalty card.
Have I left anything out?? Where do you like to get your coupons

Monday, February 2, 2009

Review and Giveaway: Starkist Tuna Creations

Giveaway is now Closed!

If you haven't already tried the Starkist Tuna Creations then now is the time. The flavors are delicious and they come in single serving pouches.
These are great to top a salad or fill a pita. They make a very quick and easy lunch.

They come in 6 flavors:
  • Mango Chipotle Salmon
  • Tomato Pesto Albacore
  • Hickory Smoked Tuna
  • Zesty Lemon Pepper Tuna
  • Herb & Garlic Tuna
  • Sweet & Spicy Tuna
The favorite flavor at our house is the Hickory Smoked Tuna.

What will your favorite flavor be?

Okay so what am I giving away? Some great Tuna Creations coupons. I just got this great set of coupons from Vocalpoint and since I was lucky enough to have these coupons once already I have decided to give this set to one of my readers.

You will receive:
1 Buy one Get one Free any Starkist Tuna Creations or Tuna Pouch
4 $1 off any Starkist Tuna Creations or Tuna Pouch
These expire on 4/30/2009

What do you need to do to win?
1. Leave me a comment letting me know if you have tried the Tuna Creations.....if so what flavor do you like?

2. Sign up for my weekly newsletter and leave me a comment stating you did so or let me know you are already signed up.

3. Subscribe to my feedburner or let me know you are already subscribed.

Make sure to leave a separate comment for each one!

Please note***U.S. Only

The winner will be drawn Tuesday February 10th. Good luck!

Kroger Best Deals of the Week 2/1 through 2/7

Krogers Promo this week is similar to last weeks Mega Sale!

It is the Daytona 500 Mix and Match

Buy 10 select items and receive $3 off your bill instantly.
You can do this 3x in one order just like the Mega Sale and of course get out those Q's to bring your total down even further.

Here are some of the participating items.
(prices are before the discount)

Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce $1
Kroger Cheese Slices $1.69
General Mills Cereal $2.49
Kroger Coffee $5.49
Fritos Corn Chips $1.99
Kroger Peanut Butter 28oz $2.69
Minute Maid Orange Juice $2.69
Banquet Entrees $1
Ragu Pasta Sauce $1.58
Oreos $2.68
Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookies $2.49
Purex Detergent $2.99
Sparkle Paper Towels 8Roll $5.99
Scott 1000 or Extra Soft Bath Tissue $7.49
Gatorade $1
Coke 12 pks $3.69
Grands Biscuits $1.49
Country Crock Spread $2.49
Betty Crocker Brownie Mix $1.99
Totino's Pizza Rolls $1.25
Breyers Ice Cream $3.29
Kellogg's Pop Tarts $2.79
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $1.79
Hefty One Zip Storage Bags $1.99
Ritz Crackers $2.69
Kraft Mac and Cheese 5 pack $3.99
Hefty Trash Bags $5.99
Pedigree Dry Dog Food 15.9-20lbs $10.99

Target Best Deals of the Week 2/1 through 2/7

SoBe Zero Calorie Life Water is on sale 10 for $10
Buy 10 and receive a $5 Target Gift Card

**I have read that some stores have hang tag coupons for the SoBe Water, if you can find any of these it will make the deal even sweeter**

Redbox FREE Movie Code 2/2/09

Okay guys here is todays free Redbox Code. This one can be picked up at any Redbox Kiosk.


You have until midnight tonight to pick up your movie.

Just follow the three steps below to redeem your code at any redbox:

  1. Touch "RENT WITH A PROMO CODE" on the redbox touch screen
  2. Make your DVD selections and add them to your cart
  3. Your discount will be applied during check out

Walgreens Best Deals of the Week 2/1 - 2/7

If you do the Mail in Rebate items there are several that are Free after Rebate!

Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer or Foundation $9.99
Receive $9.99 back after mail in rebate

Revlon Creme Lip Gloss $9.99
Receive $9.99 back after rebate

Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves Hair Care $3.99
Receive $3.99 back after rebate

Zucol Cold Care $7.99
Receive $7.99 back after rebate

Therma care Heat Wrap $2.49
Receive $2.49 after rebate

Right Guard Clinical or Dry Idea Clinical Deodorant $5.99
Receive $5 Register Rewards

Gillette Fusion Gamer or Venus Razor $8.99
Receive $6 Register Rewards

Remember that you can match coupons with all the above items to make you total out of pocket spending lower. You can go here to check out the complete weekly ad.

CVS Best Deals of the Week 2/1 - 2/7

Excedrin Extra Strength 10ct Vial $2.49
--receive $2.49 Extra Care Bucks
FREE after ECBs!

Spend $15 on Select Colgate-Palmolive items and receive $5 Extra Care Bucks

Speed Stick Deodorant 2/$5
Lady Speed Stick Clinical $7
Colgate Total, Kids 2 in 1, Colgate 360 Toothbrush or any Max Fresh 2/$5
Softsoap $1
Irish Spring bar soap $2
Palmolive Dish soap 97cents
Murphy's Oil 2/$5
Suavitel Fabric softener 2/$7
Irish Spring or Soft Soap body wash 2/$7

match these items with coupons for even more savings!
You can check your complete ad by going here, to see all the sales and deals going on this week.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I have had a very busy weekend. I had planned to do a review and giveaway yesterday but just never got around to it. I will be doing that tomorrow so be sure and come back.

I will also be doing the best deals of the week tomorrow.


You can save money on purchasing software.

My husband is a technology consultant and installs this software on each of his client's computers. This keeps his clients from going out and spending their hard earned money on software they can get for free.

I had him put together this tutorial video to help my readers save money as well: