Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shopping January 9 - 15

Well if you read my previous post you know that I had a crazy week. The previous week I spent $103. As for this past week.....I only went to Walmart and CVS.

I have no pictures. I also lost my CVS receipt which sadly had about 5 or 6 really good CRT's on it and my $15.50 in ECB's. Thankfully I can reprint my ECB's online but I lost out on some good coupons.

The only thing I bought at CVS was

4 Stayfree pads @ $4.50 each
Spongebob bandaids @ $2.99

2 B1G1 Free Stayfree

I paid $13 something and got back $15.50 in Extra Care Bucks. $10 for buying $20 worth of listed products and $5.50 for Quarterly bonus.

At walmart I only purchased a few things like milk, bread, lunchmeat, cheese. That sort of thing. I don't have my reciept but at sure I spent less than $30.

This puts me well under my goal of $200 a payday (2 weeks)!

Hopefully next week is going to go a little smoother!