Thursday, January 22, 2009

Review: New Boost Kid Essentials Nutritional Drinks

My two daughters just had the opportunity to try out samples of the New Boost Kid Essentials Nutritional Drinks. My girls are 10 and 13 and although they are generally good eaters our problem usually lies with breakfast. I admittedly am not a morning person, so on most days, now that the girls are older they do the most of their morning routine without me. They get up at 6am and I get up between 6:30 and 6:45 to make sure they are all ready to go. Although I try to make sure they have plenty of easy things to eat that are healthy I have caught them many times rushing out the door having eaten nothing but a yogurt.
Boost Kid Essentials offers 25 vitamins and minerals, 7 grams of protein, antioxidants and probiotics. These little drinks are a perfect addition to the hurried morning lives of my preteen girls.
So the question did they like them?
Well they got to try Chocolate and Vanilla and then I asked them to discuss them with me. First off they really liked both flavors. They said the chocolate tasted like a thick yummy chocolate milk. As for the vanilla one said it tasted like ice cream and the other said a vanilla shake. I am thinking that is about the same thing.
So when asked if they preferred one flavor to the other, they both affirmed they really liked them both equally and want to know when I am buying more. :)

So if you have a child or children between the ages of 1 and 13 that just aren't taking in all the nutrition they need to be, Boost could be a great addition to their diet.